Step 10: The Art of Departing

Already time to leave!
Where did the time go?

. . .

This is definitely the saddest, but most rewarding part of traveling.

Sad because you learned so much and want to continue learning. And, because there’s still so much more you want to see and explore.

Rewarding because you are going back home with your new-found excitement and view of life, and your new self.

. . .

You will have these new, amazing memories with you forever!

Your view of the world and yourself has changed forever, and you will only truly notice it when you go back home (so, don’t be too sad to leave).

Everything back home will seem different, but nothing will really be different.

You will see yourself, and everything around you differently because your view of everything changed during the previous amazing adventure; full of exploration of the unknown, consciously, and unconsciously learning new things.


P.S. If you read this whole series:

I hope it inspires you to travel and explore the unknown!

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂