Starting a blog – First post

So…. How do I start.. I mean how do people really start blogs..

I guess I should probably start by just saying that this blog is mostly for me and personal memories but if anyone out there wants to read what I have to say, feel free to continue reading.

Back story about me: I was born and raised in Canada. I am a college graduate of Tourism Management (class of 2017).

I have always wanted to travel and see as many places as possible.
So far I’ve been:

  • across Canada
  • Europe
  • Dominican Republic
  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • Belize
  • & counting…

I don’t really know exactly what I’m going to write in this blog; probably things about what I learned in college, my travels, and life in general.

Check out my YouTube channel ( if you want (P.S. It has a couple short videos of my travels and more to come).

Thank you for reading this very short (probably boring) blog post; I promise my other posts are more entertaining and interesting (I mean if you read this to the end you will definitely like my other posts).




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