I’m back… I don’t have a specific topic to write about this time but I really wanted to write something so I decided to write about my feelings towards traveling.

You’re probably wondering why I titled this blog post “Wanderlust”.. (if not, let’s pretend)

-Wanderlust is one of the words that describes me very well. I love traveling because I like the feeling of doing something different every day (not having a schedule), seeing different places around the world, learning about different cultures while being immersed in them… (etc because if I name all the reasons, this blog post would be too long and you probably don’t really care).

Travel has always been my passion and I’ve always wanted to have a job that travels. #LifeGoals

That’s it for this blog post. Hope I didn’t bore you too much. I’ll try to write about more interesting things (but hey I’m just starting).

Also, the featured image was taken by me in Hong Kong!


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