W.E.M. – What a great place!

Attention!! Read this back story before skipping to the post.

So… I have been to the D.R., H.K., Europe and more…but the West Edmonton still remains on my list of places that I will always visit when I am in Edmonton. (although there are places around the world that I Must visit).

Anyways, back to this post… Yesterday (Friday, July 22) I went to Edmonton (from Jasper) for a day trip (it was nice to get out of this town for a day). There is one thing I noticed coming from the East Coast to Jasper to Edmonton.

1- There is a huge difference between Jasper and Edmonton (only 4 hours drive and such a difference). The smell is different, the air feels different on your skin, the people are different..the atmosphere is just all around different. These differenceS are also things I noticed when I first moved to Jasper from the East Coast.

I have also noticed these things throughout my travels. Every part of the world has a distinct culture (the atmosphere changes even if you drive 4hours to another city)

All this to say that wherever you are in the world is different to someone else on the other side of the world so cherish every moment wherever you are.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed my little adventure post! πŸ™‚


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