YOU ARE SOMEBODY!… and that ‘somebody’ is YOU!

Warning: this blog post is REAL and not funny at all (also it’s just MY thoughts and I, in no way expect anyone to agree with me…
First of all, I know that all of you will agree when I say that we all feel like we have to prove ourselves to others and when we don’t we feel like they are judging us for being different.

Second, when someone says ‘who are you?’ what do you say? Most people just say their name but what if we started saying ‘me’ because technically we are all ‘ME’s in our own way, right. Just try it next time someone asks you your name say: ME, and watch for their reaction.

Third, why do we all feel like we have to prove ourselves if we’re all ‘ME’s in our own way? If we all accept the fact that we’re all different, would we still feel the need to prove ourselves to others?

On another note, does anyone else out there feel like if they talk about themselves or just simply open up to other people, that they will be judged for it? (I feel like this all the time, which is why I have a hard time opening up to people; talking to people I can do very easily but about myself is a different story)
I don’t quite know why I feel like if I talk about myself, the other person won’t want to be my friend because they’ll think I’m weird or something. (also does anyone else want to ignore people when you hear them talk about you behind your back and they think you didn’t hear them so you want to tell them you heard them talking but you also just want to ignore them because you don’t want them to have a reason to spread rumors about you) I think that’s exactly why I don’t like opening up to many people, because I don’t want them to have things to say about me behind my back because I feel that I’ve been let down enough.
Alright, before this blog post makes me cry too much, I’m going to get to the positives.
1- When you feel like the world is against you, just remember that you are your own world because you are the only one who really understands the REAL you.
2- You are not I AM, you are I AM NOT, which means that you are not the most important person in the world (I know it sounds sad, but think about it, if you are not important then why should you care about what people say about you because they’re the ones talking about someone who is no one; they’re the weird ones)
3- If you’re like me and opening up to people takes a while, find people you trust and build a friendship with them and get to know them first; and if you feel like they are trustworthy and won’t talk about you behind your back start opening up to them slowly (I know it’s harder than it seems but, trust me if they have the patience to be your friend for that long it means they really want to get to know you and they are a good friend)
4- If one person lets you down don’t let it discourage you, there’re millions of people in this world, one of them will want to be your friend.
5- Right now you are the only person that knows exactly what your thinking right now, people might feel the same way as you but not one person in the world has the exact thoughts as you. (only you know how to explain your thoughts, so find someone you will understand)

P.S. I hope this blog post helps someone out there because writing it has helped me.

P.P.S. This blog will probably remain anonymous because I just want to write my thoughts about life, travels and other things that I don’t know how or who to tell.

Thank you for reading my crazy thoughts, I hope you understand, at least a little.

See you in my next post! 🙂


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