Don’t be too quick to judge… are correct..that title was click bait…

I really mean don’t judge a country by what you see in the media (just like: don’t judge a book by it’s cover or a person from the first time you meet them).

The media is trying to convince you on which countries you should visit and which countries you should avoid, but the truth is the media only does this because they choose which place gets money and which ones don’t.. The media chooses which countries it thinks is worthy of having tourists by deciding which ones have the least controversial subjects (for example: North Korea is less popular than Dominican Republic because the media has told us that the D.P.R.K is less welcoming to tourists than the D.R). The truth is they only say this to convince tourists to go where they are supposedly ‘wanted’, when really all countries would love to welcome tourists, but whatever the media says is what everyone believe even the government of said country.

All this just to say that wherever you want to visit, you should go wherever your heart wants because the media doesn’t, nor shouldn’t control you choice of adventure (just like when you pick a book to read, you should start reading before looking at the cover, or get to know someone before you judge them)

REMEMBER: Get out there and Live for Adventure! Don’t listen to others opinions on what countries are worth visiting! Go wherever you heart wants to go (it’s your life and your adventure)!

Anyways, P.S. All countries have their own flags, so you can have your own opinion..


Thanks for reading! See you in my next post!




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