Back to School…

I sincerely do not know what I am going to write in this post but I thought I should write something for back to school season.

(In case you’re wondering, I am currently in my second year of college studying tourism management)

I guess I ‘ll share a few tips I’ve learned throughout the years…

1-Stay organized (it helps with stress, which will help you succeed in your learning)

2-Motivate yourself to learn, study and succeed (why are you in school?/what’s your goal?)

3-Make friends (they help remind you of things, keep you motivated to go to school and help you study and succeed; given you choose the right friends)

4-Try your best (if you fail, at least you can stay you really tried)

5-Participate in your learning (teachers, friends, parents won’t do the learning for you, you have to want to learn the subject in order to succeed)

And lastly, have fun! Don’t take learning too seriously (wether you’re in grade school or college or university) Dont stress yourself out, have fun learning about your potential future! Once you realize that learning should be fun, you will succeed (but you do have to be motivated to do what it takes to graduate)

Stay in school!

REMEMBER: Live for adventure! 🙂


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