Live Your Own Life..

I know, I know… I haven’t posted in a while (busy with school and life stuff). but that’s just excuses, the important thing is I haven’t forgot (I’ve been thinking about my next post; A LOT)

Alright, so instead of making more excuse and explaining myself, I’m just going to start this post.

Every single person on earth has different thoughts, which means we all have a different view of life, we all experience it differently and we all want to live it differently.
The one thing we all have in common is; wanting to LIVE our life to the fullest. No one has the Exact Same dreams and desires as you, but everyone has dreams and desires for their own life.

So, instead of asking people what their dreams and desires are; focus on your own goals and you will achieve success and happiness much faster.
Now, this doesn’t mean ignore other peoples’ dreams, just don’t judge them because I guarantee you that they are not judging your dream. People are just trying to live their life happily and successfully on their own terms.

To summarize, encourage others and their dreams, while also focusing on making your dreams come true. The more you encourage others, the more they will encourage you; and in the end, this will make everyone believe in themselves and everyone will accomplish their goal.

Let’s try it (if you want): Write your dream in the comments below/Encourage other people!

Thanks for reading!

REMEMBER: Live for Adventure! 🙂

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