Whistlers Mountain

via Photo Challenge: Atop

Backstory: This past summer I worked in Jasper, Alberta, Canada. On my days off from work, I would go out and explore the town, etc.
One of the most memorable and amazing things I explored was: Whistlers Mountain.

This mountain is VERY tall: 2500m/8100ft. And, when I reached the top, I couldn‘t do anything. All I did was stare at the vast view below (although the view is mostly of trees, the mountain restaurant, the town of Jasper) I couldn’t help but think; “if this is what I’m seeing right now, at this very moment, how big is the whole world?”

Try to imagine the following scenario:
You’re huffing and puffing trying to catch your breath because that was a long climb and the air up here is getting thin but you slowly catch your breath and look at how far you’ve come:
1. You’re standing on the very top of this mountain. Bucket list item – accomplished!
2. Your feet are in the snow on this beautiful & sunny summer day.
3. You hear people around you saying things like: “wow, would just look at that view” or “this was so worth it” or “can I take a nap up here”.
4. You can see everything for miles.
5. You feel like you could touch that airplane that just passed by or even touch that cloud right above you.

Eventually, you just stop, sit down and look around you (you do a 360 because no matter where you look, the view is breathtakingly-amazing), you just sit there and listen, feel and take in all the sights of where you are.
You tell yourself that; if you can come from…insert your past here…and make it all the way to the top of this mountain; YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

This view has changed your life in more ways than one!
And once you come down from this amazing, breathtaking and life-changing mountain, you will see the world completely differently. And, your life will be changed!

That scenario happened to me a few months ago..
That experience changed my life because it made me realize how insignificant I really am and how every little thing I do will not make a HUGE change in the whole but, it will still have AN impact!

We live in a world where everyone wants to be the best (at everything they do) but this experience, ATOP this mountain, made me realize that we are all so insignificant and small (we can’t do anything ALONE), but TOGETHER we can make a HUGE impact!

MADE IT TO THE TOP! 🙂 P.S. If you’re ever in Jasper, Alberta, Canada; I recommend you experience this amazing adventure!

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂