You are…

Who do YOU think you are? Are you happy with yourself? Do you wish you could be a different person? Do you love yourself enough? Are you actively trying to change?

. . .

Well.. Good news, this post is written to motivate you & give you tips on how to love yourself more each and every day!

. . .

In only two simple steps you will feel more Motivated & you will go out and Conquer the world!

Step 1: Realize that:
You are NOT alone
You are NOT insignificant
You are NOT weak
You are NOT a loser
You are NOT ugly
You are NOT the words of those bullies
You are NOT the looks of your enemies
You are NOT defined by a number (followers or scale; it doesn’t define who YOU are)
You are NOT your mental illness
You are NOT/NEVER too much

Step 2: Realize that:
You ARE part of a Great community (just look around next time you’re out in public)
You ARE significant (you mean sooo much, to sooo many people; some of which you haven’t even met yet)
You ARE strong  (so strong that you can totally fight this battle, because You ARE Amazing!)
You ARE a winner (you’ve won all your battles, even some that you don’t even know about)
You ARE beautiful
You ARE smart
You ARE funny
You ARE kind
You ARE unique
You ARE worthy (worth more than you could ever imagine)
You ARE always enough
You ARE a precious diamond
You ARE capable of anything (just put your mind to it and focus on yourself)

Never forget these steps & Always remember: YOU DEFINE WHO YOU ARE! 🙂

*The  world needs More YOU!*

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂


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