Time for Adventure!

It’s finally here! Travel & Adventure season is here! 

If you’re as excited as I am for this time of year, Comment down below with your plan(s) for this season (and while you’re there you can even click the like button. 😉

. . .

So… The main reason I am writing this blog post is to tell you about My travel & adventure plan for this season (It might be boring).

. . .

In a few hours (April 19 @ 7:00am), I will be on a plane heading to Belize (see picture below) for 10 days (until April 30).
I am writing a blog about this because after my trip, I will be writing a lot of exciting posts about my trip (so you can read about my trip and my experience, & see if my posts about Belize make you want to visit this country).
The reason I say that I will only post After my trip, is because the place I will be staying at in Belize does not have any internet connections (and very limited electricity).

Belize on a map.
Trying to pack light for this backpacking trip!

. . .

I am very excited about this trip & I am equally excited to tell you about my adventures!

Thank You for reading (this boring;update post)!
See you in 10 days (when I Will have exciting stories to tell)! 🙂

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂