Why I love traveling? / Belize Trip-Part 2!

I still can’t ‘Belize’ I was in this country! (sorry for the bad pun, but I had to do it)

. . .

I had such a great experience in Belize that it’s really difficult to put into words and explain it to people (especially those who have never traveled before).

. . .

However, I can say that; My favorites types of trips are: when I go to a new country and come back, I feel different and I feel like I really accomplished something during the trip.
I feel like whenever you feel changed; during & after a trip; is when you know it was worth it. That’s the biggest reward for travel & the biggest reason why I love to travel!

Traveling is an adventure that changes your perspective & gives you a whole new view on the world! Every time we travel; we learn, see or do something new; something that we wouldn’t have or see or even notice in our own backyard…
We need to travel & step outside our comfort zone in order to experience new and different things to feel changes.

For me, travel always makes me content; it always gives me an amazing & fulfilling adventure & experience that leaves me speechless!
Comment down below if you feel the same way about traveling or comment saying one things that always cheers you up!


Thanks for reading!
And commenting (if you did)!


-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

P.S. Attached below are some pictures from my trip!

The view from the dining area!
Beautiful sunset on the beach!
Tents on the island/beach!
Market snapshot!
Xunantunich Ruins!

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