. . .

Some people say: “Being curious is what kills you”.
Well, to those people, I answer back saying: “Those who are not curious have not lived”.

. . .

I mean, just think about it for a minute!

-Curiosity is probably the reason you tried all those new & scary things;
It’s probably even the reason why you are, where you are today.

-If you were never curious, you would never have:

  • moved out of home?
  • skydived?
  • got the job you work today?
  • tried new food?
  • traveled somewhere new?
  • & so much more…

I think that those who are not curious don’t enjoy life as much because let’s be honest curiosity is the only reason you stepped out of the box to do all those new, scary & exciting things.
Curiosity has gotten you to where you are today! So, don’t be afraid of the unknown, instead be curious!

Thanks for reading & Remember:

When life becomes too monotonous, let your curiosity guide you!


Curiosity makes you smarter! 😉

*Embrace your curiosity!*

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

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