Alright, let’s Face it, you’ve said: “I give up!” at least once in your life.
Whether you said it because you were just done with everything or you said it because you were tired of waiting for something better; you’ve given up at least once.

. . .

Well, let me tell you, giving up just means that you need to work on your patience.


Think about it this way; If you were never patient, you would not be were you are today. You would have quit everything you ever started and would have never tried again; With patience comes determination.
You must realize that when you are patient and you don’t get discouraged, you can persevere through anything and everything; And, one day, you will not need to be patient anymore because you will have everything you’ve ever worked and waited for. 

. . .

If you feel out of place, like you are at a point in your life where you are doing something that you don’t think is what you’re actually supposed to be doingRemember to persevere through it because that perseverance will give you patience and determination that will eventually get you to where you are supposed to be (where you will feel like you actually fit-in).


Thanks for reading! & Remember:

Stay patient, determined and persevere through it all!
You got this! 😉



-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

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