When life gives you lemons… Most people will tell you “Make lemonade!”.

But… What exactly does that mean?

I’ve always asked myself this question. I never understood the symbolism & inspiration behind such a simple sentence. (I mean; why ‘lemons’?)


A few days ago, the answer to all these questions hit me.

Here’s what I realized: This sentence isn’t just some random cliche, it really means something.
I realized that; in this situation, lemons represent the good things you see in your life even when everything else seems like a mess & the lemonade is what you choose to do with the good things (lemons) in order to get past the mess.
-Use the good things to create something better; don’t focus on the bad things.

This cliche sentence is telling us to make the best of what we have in life!
It’s a reminder that life is not always dark and chaotic, some things in life will bring you to a brighter and happier place; All you have to do is make the best with what you have!

Even if all you see is difficult and chaotic situations, you have to search for the good because it’s not always the easiest thing to see, but it is the only thing worth fighting & searching for in life!
-Make it a habit of focusing on the good!

So, next time you think that all you have left are lemons remember that something great can come from those fruits. Lemons aren’t the ‘best’ fruit (I love them, but most people don’t), but when you search for what you can do with them; your life will be turned around & upsidedown! You have to work with what you have and make something great with it because accomplishing true happiness is the hardest & most rewarding things in life! Work hard toward true happiness; it will be worth it!

Thanks for reading! I hope this inspired you in some way!

P.S. Keep looking forward because great things are ahead! 🙂


-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

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