Why travel?

“When you travel, you realize how dumb you really are & how little you know about the world around you!”

. . .

The reality is that; People that travel a lot tend to be smarter, more open-minded and more outgoing!
Because when you travel, you learn new things, you experience difference things and you learn the importance of respecting other cultures & people.

. . .

In life, you must travel and step out of your comfort zone in order to really understand the real world around you!
Seeing a different perspective of the world is necessary for your growth!

. . .

Travel is also a way to escape your thoughts. It makes you focus and think about all the new and interesting things around you. Instead of being stuck in your thoughts you are learning and experiencing new things.

“Travel is a secret tonic and those who do not travel, don’t know/understand what others talk about!”

You see; I’ve been to a few different countries and I’ve loved every second of them. But, every time I try to explain my trip to someone: They either don’t really care, They don’t understand because they don’t like traveling, or They don’t want to know because they want to go there “one day” (they don’t want you to “spoil” it for them).
The amount of times I’ve heard all these excuses is ridiculous. I mean if you really have “the travel bug”, you should want to hear about other people’s travels because it should make you more excited about your next trip.

. . .

If that ever happens to you, let me just say that; The best way to continue to love traveling and keep planning your next trip is to tell people about it broadly because most of the time they don’t really care about the details of your trip. And, if they do they will ask questions and seem interested and excited for you; and those are the people who can Really talk to about your next trip and possibly get even more excited.

Fellow travelers should always encourage each other!
That doesn’t mean ignore the people that say that traveling isn’t for them; you should tell them about your trip (maybe it will encourage them to travel), but, if not, don’t expect them to understand everything either!

. . .

Travel is a personal experience because when we travel it changes who we are and how we see the world; it can’t change the people around us.
So, next time you are talking about your trip to someone who doesn’t seem to understand, skip the little details and tell them about the most exciting things that happened during your adventure.
However, if you are talking to someone who seems really interested, tell them about the little details because they will appreciate it.
Also, chances are, if they’re interested in the little details, it means that they have traveled before, or really want to travel to that place, and they might be able to relate to your experiences, which is much more fun then having to explain everything to someone who doesn’t care or doesn’t get it.

“Travel is the only we buy that makes us richer.”


Thanks for reading!
P.S. Let’s encourage each other to travel because traveling is AMAZING! And, chances are, if you read this post to the end, you think so too. So, if you want to tell anyone about your trips & adventures or travel plans, post it in the comments below or message me.
I’m sure others will love to read about it! If not, I sure do!



-LiveForAdventure! 🙂


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  1. Absolutely … travel is a great way to get out of the cocoon and spread your wings. It is so easy to stay tucked away in what seems comfortable. It’s often when you break free that you realise that what you thought was comfortable was actually only holding you back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! Thank you for your positive feedback. 🙂


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