After a trip/adventure, most people are speechless & can’t stop talking!

Let me be the first (probably not first, but you know what I mean) to say: If that ^ happens to you after a trip/adventure, it is a good thing; it means your experience has taught you a lot!

. . .


You see.. I saw this picture a few days ago and immediately thought about writing something, because it’s so true (the pictures speaks a thousands words).

 . . .

You see.. I LOVE to travel and every time I travel I am in AWE of where I am. It never sinks-in until a few days or even weeks into the trip and sometimes it doesn’t sink-in until I get back home.. and, then, at home, people are constantly asking me about my trip.
And, to be honest, sometimes I can’t answer all their questions because I don’t even know how to describe my trip in words; I try, but I become speechless after saying a few words..  and, then, a few days or weeks after I’ve had time to process my experiences, I start to realize everything that has changed and begin to know how to tell people about my trip.

. . .

I think that occurs because during and after the trip, I am still in awe and thinking about the things I learned and I’m not ready to tell anyone or try to explain anything yet.
But, when it finally sinks-in and I fully understand what I learned on my trip, I begin to get excited to tell people and the words just come to me because I am so excited that no matter what I say, people will listen because they know how much the trip meant to me. And, maybe my excitement will encourage them to go to this place.

. . .

Traveling does, in fact, make you speechless!


When we travel and come home, home is still the same, but something in our minds has changed, and that changes everything!

…We don’t know how to react with our new perspective. We are trying to live with our new found perspective on life! (that’s the secret of traveling)

So, next time you are speechless after a trip & people are asking all sorts of questions, just tell them about the most exciting parts of your trip because that’s the part they want to hear anyways… the personal experiences are for your learning & perspective anyway (you can tell them if you want, but they will learn in their own way, during their own trip).

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! Happy travels! 🙂



-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

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  1. This made me smile as I have stripped planned next week in which my little 2 year old will fly for the first time. I can’t wait to get back home and hear the stories she tells. Thanks for sharing—

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    1. First flights are always exiting; She will have such an amazing experience! Have a good trip! 🙂


      1. Thank you..photos and details when we return.

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