The woman on the street…

What is she doing?  Why do I always see her in the same spot?  How long has she been here?

. . .

Those are all questions I ask myself on my commute to work.

You see; I always walk by the same way to get to work. And, everyday while walking on this street (I’m not actually going to tell you the street name, duh) at 7:00am, I always pass this lady with four or five suitcases, a few grocery bags and a blue tarp.
I promise I’m not stalking her; I’ve been taking this street for months to get to work; when all of a sudden, one day, I see this random lady with all her belongings inhabiting the sidewalk.
So, I become very curious, and now, every time time I go to work and see her still there, I wonder things like: Where did she come from? Why did she choose this street to “live” on? Why does she have so much stuff with her? Does she have family? I even find it interesting that she isn’t asking for money or anything from anyone passing-by (she just sits there reading the newspaper)?

. . .

To be honest, I kinda like seeing that she is still there because it gives me a sense of relief (she seems to be doing fine),  it triggers my curiosity (but, why is she there) and it helps me remember to be thankful for everything I have (like the job I am walking to while looking at & questioning this scene).
However, some days, I wish I could walk down that street, & not see her there because then I would be even more curious and ask questions like: where did she go? is she ok? did she find a better spot? did she find a home? did her family come?

I think the worst part of this scenario is, that most people that walk by probably don’t even Look in her direction because they’re scared that she will ask them for something or even worse they’re scared that they will Feel sympathy/empathy for the woman.

I think this is also something that happens in most cultures in the world and that needs to change! (if you agree like this post) (maybe even share it, if you want)

. . .

I don’t exactly know how to change it but; If you stop questioning it, and look at the big picture; The woman obviously knows her own story and we know ours. And, sometimes that’s enough but, sometimes we need to learn about others to understand our story even better.

Don’t be too quick to judge; try to talk to someone before judging them.
You never know what you could learn about them & about yourself!


Thanks for taking the time to read this post!


-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

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    Loved it❤

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