Finally, my favorite season has arrived!

. . .

Summer is my favorite season for so many different reason… the main one being; the sun.
And then there’s; travel because summer is a good time to travel (unless you’re trying to escape snow, then, don’t travel to a place with reversed seasons).
And, the final reason is; it’s finally time to get out and enjoy the outdoors and the sun and the heat and nature and everything you can do in summer that you can’t do in winter.
Do I ever love summer! (comment down below with your favorite part of summer or your favorite season)

. . .

Although, most of the trips I take tend to be during the summer, I have done some (like 2) trips in the fall and winter: And, let me just say, if I could live somewhere with summer weather all year round, I would in a heartbeat! (like this post if you would too)

. . .

Anyways… On to some exciting news.

I have a special promo code for YOU (yes You reading this) to try out this great app.
It’s a great travel workout app (it’s even good if you don’t travel and just live a busy life). It’s like having a personal trainer on your phone.
I like this app because when you travel; you are constantly trying new foods, just being lazy, enjoying your new & amazing adventures… But this app helps you remember to keep your body healthy while still enjoying your trip (& to be honest, when I travel, that’s the last thing on my mind).
No matter where you are in the world, it will make you get outside or go to the gym to get active for at least 3 minutes (that’s right there are workouts you can do for 3 minutes) a day. I love that there’s variety in the type and length of the workouts because when I travel I don’t really want to waste my time doing a workout, I want to get back to exploring as fast as I can.

. . .

Anyways… Enough of me telling you about what it does: go try it for yourself with this  two-week free-trial link  and enter this promo code: AAPTIV2WEEKS


Thanks for reading!
P.S. I’m looking for some new summer songs; so, if you want: Comment down below with your favorite summer song’s’.



-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

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