Country-Island-City kid…

You’re such a city kid! You belong on the island! You seem like a country person! 

. . .

If you’ve never been told any of these sentences, then you’re doing a great job at blending in with your surroundings! Congratulations! 

However, if people tell you those things, it doesn’t mean that you’re not still great at adapting to your surroundings; it just shows that sometimes people see your last destination in you because you’re still learning to adapt to your current surroundings!
And, that’s totally fine! It just means that you’re taking your time to learn about your new surroundings (the new culture), so, when you do adapt, people think you fit in well! 

. . .

Never be afraid to take your time adapting while in a new place! 

Learning about a new culture takes time (as it should) because in order to truly fit in you must, first, learn about the ins & outs about the culture from your new surroundings!

In order to truly fit in, you must stand out, while learning to fit in! 


Thanks for reading! I hope this post inspires you to continue to learn about different cultures around the world! 


-LiveForAdventure! 🙂