Why are we so afraid of being nostalgic? Why do we fear change?

. . .

Although I don’t know the exact answers to those questions, I can say:

Don’t be afraid of nostalgia & change! 

Yes; they can make you sad, but they can also make you happy. 

. . .

Whatever triggers an old memory within you means that “that thing” was a big part of your past and you are now realizing that you’ve moved on & grown up from it. 

That’s what memories are: Things we remember about the past because something in the present makes us think back to it. 

If you are remembering something, it normally means that you have changed and you’re not sure how or when it happened, so your brain is remembering what life was like earlier for you to see how far you’ve come. 

Don’t be afraid of nostalgia because it usually means that something in your life has changed; & change is a good thing. It means you’re learning and growing


Thanks for reading! 

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂 

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