Get this off my chest…

Alright! Let’s get right into this post. 

For the past few days I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and stressed to the point where I don’t want to do ANYTHING anymore.
And, if this is how people with mental illnesses feel all the time, I truly understand how tough it can be to live with it.

It’s like; You feel like you want/need to do something, but there’s so much on your mind that you just shut down and do nothing. 

Seriously, even just listening to music becomes a struggle because it’s too much to focus on. You just want to lay in bed and do nothing, but then you’d be alone with your thoughts and that won’t help either! 


Well, I really don’t know; That’s more of a personal obstacle you need to overcome by yourself. But, I can tell you that, if you’re ever in one of those moods; Don’t let yourself be alone with your thoughts!

Find something (how ever small) that you can tolerate & focus on that one thing! 

You must find one tolerable thing to focus on for a while to clear your thoughts! I promise you will feel much better. 


Thanks for reading!
And, remember:

You can get out of this funk; just have faith that it will pass & fight for your future self! It’s a hard fight, but your future self will definitely thank you!


-LiveForAdventure! 🙂 

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