Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s that time of year again… the time of year where everyone is posting what they’re thankful for on social media… and, to be honest, I’m really not a fan of this “holiday”!
Before you judge me, let me explain why.

. . .

Before I start listing the reasons why I’m not a fan of this “holiday”, I just want to say that I do think it’s nice to spend time with family and friends; I just don’t understand why we need a specific day in the year to do it.
If you agree, comment below and explain your reason (I’d love to hear another perspective).

With that said, here is a list of the reasons why I don’t understand this “holiday”:

1 – Shouldn’t we be thankful all the time; why only celebrate thankfulness one day in the year? We are alive the whole year & only choose to be thankful for only one day of it seems a little ungrateful (that’s not a very good thankfulness ratio – 365 days : 1 day).

2 – How is eating a huge meal supposed to make me feel more thankful? Personally, I would feel more thankful if I fasted on this day because then, I would truly know how good I have it. We eat everyday anyways, so, wouldn’t not eating make us more grateful?

3 – Most things people say on this day gets contradicted the next day anyways. (they say they’re thankful for their house, car, phone, etc., but, the next day they’re buying a better car, house, phone, etc.) So, what’s the point of saying you’re grateful for ‘said things’, when you’re just going to buy a new one the next day anyways?

4 – I think you get my point, I just don’t understand this “holiday”. Yea, it’s nice to spend time with family and friends, while eating a lot of food, but does it really need to be a ‘holiday’?

What if, instead of eating a huge meal on thanksgiving, we all started fasting for the day? Wouldn’t this make us appreciate what we have more? (I know that it would for me). 
I mean, seriously, think about it; we eat food everyday without thinking about it because it’s just normal to eat to survive, but, what if we didn’t have food to eat everyday to survive? Scientifically speaking, not eating for a day would trigger some sort of part in our brain, which would make us appreciate our food more when we do eat it?


Thanks for reading! That was ^ just something I’ve always thought about, so I figured I would share it, to give you some food for thought’ on thanksgiving!

One last thing, I hope you spend a good thanksgiving day with family and friends! 🙂
Don’t just talk to them today; appreciate them everyday!


-LiveForAdventure! 🙂