Coffee Shops…

I wrote a post earlier (last month) about Grocery Stores and how much you can learn about a culture by visiting a grocery store.
So, I recommend that before you read any further, you should go read that post.
Here’s the link: The Grocery Store

So, I’m sitting here, in this very diverse coffee shop.
I come to this place every morning to get coffee before going to work, and I sit down for a bit and I find myself looking around at the people walking in and out.
And, I realize that we are all here for the same reason.
Although, we are all here for the same reason this morning, we are all very different.
We are all ordering something different, going to different jobs, we all come from different backgrounds, we all have different views of the world, etc.
Even through all those differences, we are all living in the same city, taking a bus/tax to get our morning coffee before going to work.

The previous scenario is relevant for wherever you are in the world because when you sit down in a local coffee shop in a new country and watch people walk in and out; you can learn a lot about the culture.
Watching the type of people walk in and out of a local coffee shop can teach you a lot about the diversity of that culture because you will start to notice that even though we are a diverse world we aren’t all that different (e.g. we all want our morning coffee/breakfast).

That is why I love to visit local coffee shops in a new country because it’s a great way to learn about the culture of a country.

The menu in a local coffee always has some similar things that I can recognize (like, coffee or tea), but there’s always a specific item that’s popular in that country.
And, that specific item can usually tell you a lot about a culture.

For example, in coffee shops in North America, there might an item that is sold in every coffee shop (like, donuts) because donuts are said to go with coffee in the morning in North America.
However, other countries might have another item that they sell in every coffee shop (like, croissants/baguettes in Europe that are sold everywhere).
Croissants/Baguettes in Europe are like donuts in North America.

Every country has one item they sell everywhere that represents that countries’ culture!

So, next time you are in a new country; Visit a local coffee shop and order the most popular item. Chances are that item will be something unconventional to you, which means that it will teach you a lot about the country and the culture.

Thanks for reading! I hope this inspired you to travel and try new things to learn more about different cultures!

-LiveForAdventure! 😊

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