No control… 

~There’s something so scary, yet, so “comforting” about not having control over part of your body/future.~

. . .

So, today, I went to the dentist to get a filling and he numbed part of my mouth/face.
And, during the process I felt the numbness start and I was fine because I could feel it slowly happening.
It was only after, when I got home, that I realized that having no control over the right side of my face was really kind of scary and uncomfortable.

Smiling, laughing, talking, drinking,etc… Everything felt so weird.

Even right now, while writing this, I still can’t feel the right side of my face. And, I’m kinda glad it’s only the right side of my face (temporarily) because I think that if I really had no control over part of my body, I would probably freak out a little.

. . .

You see, as humans, we are so used to being able to control everything that happens to us, that whenever something unexpected happens (loss, an accident, a filling), we get scared and uncomfortable because we don’t know this new feeling and we don’t know how to react to it.

We’ve had control over everything up to this point, so this situation scares us because we cannot control it; we can only control how we react to it. We cannot do anything to change it, we just have to wait it out and wait for things to change on their own.

So, whenever something is out of your control, instead of being scared and worried, just be patient and wait it out. Sometimes the things we can’t control, turn out the best. Just let things happen, be patient and see what happens to your life. Let yourself give-up control over certain things in life; it will make you feel better and less stressed.


Thanks for reading!

~Don’t live in fear of the future!
Have patience that even though you can’t control the future,
it will turn out alright!~


-LiveForAdventure! 🙂


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