Don’t underestimate it!

Even if you think and say to yourself: “No, it won’t bother me, I can ignore it.”
I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but, you are wrong.
You can’t escape it!

. . .

If you didn’t already guess, I’m talking about culture shock.
Seriously, though, I’ve traveled to many different countries, but I still always feel some sort of culture shock in a new country.

Culture shock is always (sometimes just slightly) present because each country has “at least” one thing that is new and different.
But, don’t worry, culture shock isn’t and shouldn’t be scary because whenever you feel it,  it means that you are aware of your new surrounding and you are learning about the different things about that country.

. . .

So, next time you go to a new country, don’t expect anything to happen, just:

And, learn as much as you can from it!

Thanks for reading!

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂



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