So, to be honest, I didn’t really feel like writing today, but
I also didn’t want to lose my streak so early on.
So, I decided to make a quick update post about how my life here in Chile is going so far.

. . .

Exploring Santiago!
Celebrating the New Year! (p.s. this is a picture of fireworks, I promise)
Trying different foods! (this happened almost everyday, but this one is called: Mote Con Huesillo & it’s quite delicious)
Exploring my “home” town for the next few months! (Quillota, Chile)
More Quillota exploring!
A view of the entire town of Quillota! (from the top of Cerro Mayaca)
Took a trip to go explore Vina del Mar! (1 hour drive from Quillota)
And, also explored Valparaiso! (it’s connected to Vina del Mar)
Ice Cream! (I had to include this because Chileans LOVE ice cream; it’s literally everywhere!)
And, the last picture: Just hanging out with new friends!

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