Word Count…

Today’s post is supposed to be about word count.
(either less than 300 words or more than 1500 words)

. . .

So, I decided to write an “essay” about Word Count.
I was going to write another update post, but I figured I’ve done enough of those this week, so, I should try something new.

. . .

You see, in school we’re taught and told to reach a certain number of words for an essay, but, I’ve always asked myself the question: Why is it so important that I write 1,000 words on the history of the national anthem? or Why do I need to use 500 words to answer this school uniform question?

Every time I had to write an essay for school, I always thought: Why do essays always have to have a minimum word count in order to get a good grade? Why can’t I just write my opinion/answer to the topic/question using as many or a little words as I want?

But, recently (like right now, while writing this), I realized that word count isn’t intended to make writing more difficult, it can actually help you a lot. We don’t need to write an exact 1,000 words on our opinion about school uniforms. We just need to write a detailed & opinionated answer to the question because if we were to only answer the question in a few sentences, people would have no idea why we came to our conclusion.
That’s why when we’re asked for a certain number of words for an essay, the reason is probably very valid.
In my opinion and from my experience, word count is important to form complete sentences and thoughts, so whoever is reading your opinion will understand your thought process behind your conclusion.
And, since I’ve started blogging, I’ve understood much more about the importance of word count & the importance of explaining your opinion for people to understand.

That’s all I got… I hope this made sense, and I apologize if it was boring.
I promise I won’t write these essay type posts anymore (mostly because I did not enjoy writing it). So, if you didn’t like it, don’t worry. And, if you did, well, check out my other posts, you will probably like them even more.

Anyways, Thank for reading this post regardless!
Remember: Keep exploring and -LiveForAdventure! 🙂

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