Face the fact!

Do YOU own a passport?

Fact: Did you know that more than half of the people that live in North America don’t own a passport?

. . .

Now, I don’t know exactly how many people live in North America, but it’s definitely a fair amount. And, the fact that only half of us own a passport is very sad.
I can’t believe that many people don’t see the need to own a passport and travel to another country.
A passport is like the best and most valuable thing you can own.
You can travel anywhere and fill your passport with stamps, your heart with memories and your brain with knowledge.

. . .

So, I just googled it, and found out that about 579 million people live in North America and only about half of them own a passport.
That means that about 290 million people in North America alone (I don’t know about in the rest of the world) don’t own a passport!

In my opinion, that’s not a good ratio, at all. (50% is not a good grade)
That means that about 290 million North American have never traveled to another country. They have never left their comfort zone.
They might never go to a passport office.
They might never hold a passport in their hands.
They might never get that feeling of excitement when they see that first stamp in their passport.
They will not know what it’s really like to visit another country.
They will never hear another language in a foreign country.
They will never get that thrill of taking-off in a plane for the first time.
They will never know the feeling of stepping foot into an unknown country.
They will never experience the excitement and adrenaline of going to a foreign country.

All these reasons used to make me sad for those people, but, after writing them down, they just confuse me.

How can someone not want to travel and experience all those things?
How can someone be so afraid to leave their comfort zone that they refuse to get a passport? (it’s really quite simple, just take a picture & fill out a form)
How can someone be happy and content with their home country, knowing that there is so much out there to explore?

I mean, seriously though, a passport is truly the most valuable thing you can own.

So, if you are one of those people that doesn’t own a passport, just try one thing.
Instead of buying that new smartphone or laptop, go purchase your first passport because for one, it’s cheaper and, the passport will actually make you feel richer.
You probably think you will never use it, but I promise, once you own one and hold it in your own hands, you will want to use it and fill it up with stamps and memories.


The stamps that fill your passport will become your best memories and amazing stories!
The more you travel, the more open-minded you become about the world & other people & cultures!
This one speaks for itself!
Whenever you purchase a new passport, Travel so much that you need to buy a new one for each new adventure!


Thanks for reading!
I hope this encouraged you to, either:
Buy a passport!
Start using your passport more often!
Because no one should ever regret traveling!

-LiveForAdventure! πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Face the fact!

  1. Didnt mean to hit send yet…
    2) many can’t afford it either not making enough or do but excess goes to managing children.
    3) too many responsibilities to leave. I had a ranch so I’d get this one. Way more complicated than someone to watch the dog.
    4) the elder folk who just no longer wish to.
    There’s some possibilities.

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    1. Thank you for this informative comment and I agree, these are all very valid points, however:

      2) I think if you have children, even if you can’t afford much, one thing you should invest in for them is a passport because then they can help save up for a trip and they might even enjoy it more now that they know the work it took to get to another country. (Also practically everyone owns a phone nowadays, why not a passport?) I know that I’m definitely grateful my parents did this for me.

      3) Even with lots of responsibilities and things to leave, you can still take a meaningful trip for a few days (a week max) and trusts someone for a few days.

      4) Elder people are usually those who have already traveled a lot or those who haven’t and just say it’s too late.


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      1. Travelling is a dream. Some many think it’s a dream too big simply because they don’t know how to make it happen or where to look for resources like agencies that take payments instead of full upfront payment. A resource page like that may be very helpful. I only traveled abroad after someone told me about smart tours. I paid the down payment and made payments over a year. That gave me time to work out finding someone to run my ranch while I was gone and plan ahead. That began my world travel and it was much cheaper than I had imagined. My imagination ( believing that I couldnt do it) held me back more than anything. πŸ™‚

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      2. You believed that you couldn’t because you thought it was an unattainable dream, but if you just took that first step of starting to plan on where you wanted to go, buy a passport and save money, you would’ve traveled sooner.

        That’s what I mean by “owning a passport” because most people that buy a passport don’t regret it. They want to use it at least one week in a year because they see how valuable traveling is and plus even if you just use your passport once a year it was already worth the purchase.

        Buying a passport won’t end your life, in fact it might just start it! It might show you something you’ve been missing!

        -LiveForAdventure! 😊


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