Weekend coffee share…

So, it’s been a week since I’ve posted anything. And, I know 1 week isn’t very long, but to me it feels like it’s been long enough. (I’ve been trying to post twice a week, but clearly that didn’t happen!)

And, I guess I’m mostly just disapointed in myself because I really don’t have a valid reason for not posting this past week, until I was inspired to write the following:


What are they for?

Why do we make excuses?

We tell ourselves, and others, that we messed up, and we’re sorry.

But, we don’t do anything to change it?

We just excuse ourselves, and “promise” that it won’t happen again.

And, then, guess what?

It happens again!

And again!

How do we stop this bad habit?

I wish excuses were actually a way of being certain that people would stick to their word and keep their promises. But, that’s not how it works.

People will make as many excuses as it takes, until they learn the lesson(s) from it.

And, even though this post is my way of pardoning my lack of posts lately, it’s helped me realize exactly why I haven’t posted in a while.

I could say that it’s because of work, or that I had a busy week, or I was just enjoying the summer, etc. There are so many excuses I could invent to “explain” my lack of posts. But, I’m not gonna pretend that they’re all the full reason because that would be a lie.

Altough some of those excuses are still valid, the main reason I haven’t posted is because I haven’t been super inspired to write lately.

…You see, I started this blog with the goal to inspire people to travel, but I haven’t been doing much traveling myself lately (because of, well, you know; Work).

But, that’s all gonna change very soon! 😉

And, that’s all I’m gonna say in this post. But, just know that I am working on my next awesome post (a post of an adventure of my trip to Chile from a few months ago).

Thanks for reading!

I hope this post inspired you to do something instead of making more excuses!

How was your week? (comment below; I’d love to hear read about it)

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

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