“People walk in, and out of your life!”

That’s just how it is.
Sometimes there’s no good reason.
It just…well…happens…

People will leave.
You won’t get any warning,
Or explanation.

They won’t tell you why.
They just leave without talking.
And, then it’s over.

You get confused.
And, you feel sad for a bit.
You kind of shut down.

Why let people in –
If they’re just gonna leave?
..Don’t know what to do..

But, after some time,
Life moves on, and you restart –
Succeed without them.

New people come in,
And, you learn lessons from them,
And, then they leave too.

That’s just how life goes.
People come in, then they leave.
That’s just how life cycles.


Thanks for reading!
I hope this post helped you realize that the journey of your life is based on the people you meet along the way! And, not all of them are there to stay forever, so don’t get mad or sad when people leave, something better will come of it.

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂