Sign of growing-up

Got your license
No more school
Got a job
Moved out

. . .

You did everything right in the eyes of society –
But, do you feel like a grown-up?
Do you even know what you’re doing?
Does it all seem a little strange?

For years, at school, you were told –
How to act.
How to write.
How to count.
How to…
..To do everything.

And, now, there’s no one..
No one to tell you –
How to pay your taxes.
How to grocery shop.
How to get a job.
How to…

You’re on your own.
There’s no guide book to life.
You gotta use all those things you were taught in school –
And, convert them into useful life skills.

Acting “professional” v.s. acting “fun”
Writing a tweet v.s. writing a resume/email
Counting to ten v.s. counting groceries
Using a calculator for algebra v.s. for your taxes

That’s a sign of growing-up –
When you finally learn those things..
How to convert school knowledge into –
Everyday life skills.


Thanks for reading!

Growing-up doesn’t mean losing yourself, it means learning more surprising things about yourself!

-LiveForAdventure! 😊