The Confusion Filled Search

A daily search
Filled with confusion
for the days ahead

All the questions
Flying around your head
Just confusing your mind
With no answers

One day
Everything’s great
You have the answers
The confusion is gone

The next day
The search continues
Back to square one
When will the cycle end?

. . .

How I wish I knew
What to do?

I just keep failing
Can someone help me?

I can’t decide
Where to go?

I need a map
Is it left or right?

I’m overwhelmed
Can I do this alone?

. . .

The more I learn
The more confused I become

I want to stop searching
But I can’t

Curiosity gets the best of me
And takes the best of me

I’m searching for something
I’m searching for nothing

What am I even searching for?

Thanks for reading!
I hope this post sparks your mind to think about the important things in life!

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

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