Abba Father!

A child for life
Living in His presence
He always treats His children well
And takes care of them everyday

No need to grow up
Just be in awe of Him everyday
Stay curious
Have a joy like a child
Depend on Him
Never try to understand all things

That’s His job
As Abba Father


He is:
More real than the ground we stand on, & the air we breathe.
He is:
Closer than the skin on our bones, the songs we sing, & the thoughts in our minds.
Welcomes home the prodigal,
Leaves the 99,
And, chases after His children!

And, He does it all for love because He is the perfect Abba Father!

Thanks for reading! I hope this reminds you that you are so loved and you matter so much to the one person that truly cares!

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

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