Important Word

So, it’s my birthday today (23! Woohoo!), and I’m currently in New South Wales, Australia! The past 6 months have been pretty crazy, and instead of repeating it all here, here’s a link to a page where you can read all my past posts from my experiences here in Australia from the past 6 months (and counting).

Anyways, this post is a poem I wrote about a word that has come to mean a lot to me. I never really knew what it meant before, but I have started to really understand it, and take it seriously during the past 6 months.
So, here it is:


One word
Many meanings
Multiple actions

One word
One meaning
One action

To abide
Means to obey
To dwell
Means to stay

Results in abundance
Results in stillness

Act in accordance
Receive abundance
Act in stillness
Receive scarcity


Whether it’s an abiding faith, an abiding respect, or an abiding passion; the Word remains the same.
The meaning might change based on the reason, but the Word remains the same.
The action taken could be different based on the situation, but the Word still remains the same.
The Word will always remain the same.
And, when we choose to abide in the living Word, everything changes, except the Word.

Thanks for reading! I hope this encouraged you to think about the truths that are surrounding you everyday!

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

Post inspired by these songs: one & two

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