In Every Season

In your life…

God makes a place
of comfort and peace
where fear and anxiety are not welcome
and where trying your best
is always enough.

In your heart…

You just need to listen
feel and breathe deeply
wait for new opportunities, and
just be yourself.

In His presence…

You must let go of control
forget weaknesses and fears
and, just let it all go because
the Lord is near.

In every season…

You should look for His peace in the chaos
walk on the stormy waters with Him
take every day
step by step.

In every moment…

You must see Him as peace and a refuge
the perfect resting place
with a faithful promise, and
unbreakable loyalty.

In your life…

You need to embrace
the good and the bad seasons because
He is there, holding you
with arms wide open
making you new everyday
just to set you


Thanks for reading!
I hope this poem reminded you of the hope you can have when you hold onto the truth above all truth in your everyday life!

Click this link to listen to the song that inspired this poem!

-LiveForAdventure! đŸ™‚

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