Step 7: The Art of Arriving

Finally arrived!
Now, what?

. . .

Now, all the wait and planning and packing is over; Everything really starts now!

But, now that the wait is over, the excitement & anticipation is gone. Now, what?

. . .

Now, you can go make your plans and dreams come true!

. . .

You also have to make sure you stay excited, by being happy to be in a new country and to be able to learn about a new culture and see completely different things.
Don’t let your excitement & anticipation die after arriving in a new country, that will make your experience miserable.

Keep your anticipation & excitement, but transform it into culture shock excitement instead of culture shock fear.

. . .

What I mean by that is:
Don’t be afraid or unwilling to learn everything you can about this new country.
Don’t fear culture shock. It will inevitably happen, but when it does, you don’t have to be sad or feel like you don’t fit-in. Just transform it into excitement and willingness to learn as much as you can about this new place and about yourself and your new view on the world!

Step 8: The Art of Exploring