Live For Adventure! (Series)

This is a work in progress, but I wanted to share this writing process with you!
I hope you enjoy!
* Remember to check back in every now & again to discover any new chapters!

I believe that life is meant to be an adventure, and we need to live it to the fullest because there’s so much to see & learn in this world! This series is for those with an adventurous heart who can’t sit still; who have a burning desire to explore this beautiful world we live in. If you’re always homesick for places you’ve never been, then this series, filled with tips, tricks & stories about travel, is for you! I hope these pages will inspire you, and help you get the most out of your next adventure! Happy reading, and never forget to:

Live For Adventure!


So, before I start telling you how to live for adventure, I should probably tell you the story about why I decided to start living for adventure.

I’ve always had a passion for travel, as far as I can remember, I have loved being in airports, air planes, hotels, trains… I literally love everything about travelling. Whether I’m stranded at an airport, or needing to find a hostel in the middle of the night in a new city; I find happiness and excitement in all of it!
I even find joy in missing a flight, or getting lost in a foreign city!

Ever since my first flight, I’ve constantly had a desire to be elsewhere; I’m always thinking about my next adventure. Whenever I have a trip planned, I always count down the days until my next flight.
But, even though I love travelling, and I’ve taken many flights, it’s definitely easier said than done.
You see…

I am not rich!
I don’t work remotely (when I’m abroad, I like to enjoy my surroundings)!
And, I don’t have anyone to fund my travels!
I work hard to be able to afford to travel abroad.
And, that’s what really inspired this series.
This is the REAL story about how I live, work, and travel abroad with my backpack and my savings.

Quick backstory:
I grew up with dual citizenship, which gave me the opportunity to travel to multiple countries, with ease (no visas). This also meant that a lot of my summers growing up were spent visiting family abroad (my grandparents live in Europe – France), so I would visit them often because I could basically enter the country as a citizen (so simple).
And, because of how simple, and exciting it was to travel abroad to visit them, I believe this is when my love for travel, cultures, and languages, was planted (growing up bilingual with grandparents that live in a different country and culture) definitely contributed to my desire to learn more languages and meet even more people from different cultures.

However, even with my travelling childhood, I think my love for solo international travel really started when I took my first solo trip abroad.
This experience opened my eyes to so many amazing, and different parts of myself (I would accomplish things I didn’t even know I understood).
And, while seeing so many amazing countries, and meeting so many great people, I learned so much about myself and the world around me. So, I started to love this new version of myself that comes out when I’m in a foreign country.
By solo travelling abroad, I’ve gained so much confidence, knowledge, and experiences. I’ve even noticed myself become more out-going and adventurous. I’ve made so many amazing, international friendships and connections, I’ve learned new languages, and I’ve especially learned that kindness towards strangers is not dead.

And, that’s why I wrote this series about living for adventure.
I wanted to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone, and travel because it TRULY is where life begins!

“Adventure begins at the end of your comfort zone!”

That quote is so true, and it has only become more true to me the more I’ve travelled.
And, when I finally realised how true that was, that’s when I came up with the signature: “Live For Adventure!” for this blog.

Chapter 1: One Step!

It only takes one step to start your amazing, life-changing journey!

Although, it only takes one step, it can still be pretty scary to travel to a foreign country.
Before I took my first solo trip, I had doubts and fears, I wasn’t sure how to feel about solo travelling. But, instead of worrying about it all, and listening to all the doubters, I decided to just step out, and do what I’ve loved since I could remember: TRAVEL!

I knew I wanted to travel, and fulfill my bucket list, and I knew it would be worth it.
And, I kept thinking: “If I could do it as a child, then, I can definitely do it now!”.

And, so the next thing I was doing was booking my flight and packing my bag.
Although, I was nervous, I knew that as soon as I got on that plane, I’d be excited.

And, that’s what happened. As soon as I got on that plane, my childlike travel excitement came back to me, and I couldn’t wait to land to start exploring a new city, and learn new things.
And, since that first solo trip abroad, I’ve been hooked.

All it took was ONE step to show me what I really wanted in life!

Now, whenever people tell me that they’re scared to travel, I tell them that overcoming your fears is when your life truly begins. And,all it takes to overcome your fears is one step because once you take that one step, your eyes are open to so much that you just can’t help but continue taking steps to conquer more and more fears and have even more adventures.

And, if that doesn’t convince them, I ask them the following question:
“If foreigners can and want to come visit your home country, why can’t you visit theirs?,
People want to learn more about your culture, so don’t you want to learn about theirs?”.

And, if that still doesn’t convince them, I ask them: “What are you really afraid of?”. And, I try to remind them that it only takes one step to conquering your fears, and eventually changing your life. After taking one step into the unknown, you’ll see that it’s really not that scary after all.

But, all in all, I can’t force people to travel, all I can do is encourage them and tell them my experience. Travelling is a personal experience. Even if you travel with friends, you will all have a different experience. Everyone has a different step to take out of their comfort zone.

So, whatever is stopping you to travel,
just stop for a moment,
& think about what could happen if you overcome that roadblock…

Chapter 2: Life On The Road!

Throughout my solo adventures, I’ve learned that even though I’m solo travelling, I’m never really alone (especially when staying in hostels). Life on the road is actually the least lonely life.

So, if, for some reason, you’re worried about being alone during your solo adventure, I can assure you that you have nothing to worry about. It’s actually the opposite. You’ll actually find yourself looking for moments to be alone to pause, and reflect.\
And, if you’re worried about not making friends, I can assure you that you will actually make a lot of friends.
Solo travelling really opens your extroverted side because when you’re in a foreign country your brain really starts to think differently. You start to want to get out, and explore new things, and meet locals (new friends).

Your brain in a foreign country will force you to step out, and become an extrovert!

Being an introvert myself, I love solo travelling because I get to see my extroverted side, and I love the person I become in a foreign country.
Becoming an extrovert abroad is great because you can make a lot of friends, which will give you a reason to return to that amazing country!
Personally, I love becoming an extrovert abroad because I get to see an amazing, different version of myself. I get to see what I’m really capable of when I step out of my comfort zone, and I get to come home with a changed perspective, and improved self image.

While living out of a suitcase/backpack, you stop worrying so much about the little things, and you start focusing on the important things.
And, when you finally realise that worrying less and just being you is freeing, you will become happier.

Life on the road can bring the extrovert out of anyone!

Chapter 3 – Travel For – You

Don’t listen to what the sceptics say about solo travelling to foreign countries. They’re usually the ones that have never travelled, or stepped out of their comfort zone. People that don’t understand why you travel are usually the people that haven’t left the country. So, when speaking to these types of people remember to be confident in you, and use vocabulary and examples they’ll understand.

Here’s an actual conversation I’ve had with friends/family before a trip abroad:

Me (happy and hyped): “Guess what? I’m travelling to (insert foreign country here) next month!”
Them: “Are you going with anyone?”
Me (confidently): “Nope. Just me.”
Them (concerned): “Do you know what to do?”
Me (confidently): “Well, I got a plane ticket, and a place to sleep. And, the rest I gotta plan when I get there.”

Them (still concerned): What will you be doing?
Me (excitedly): Travelling, exploring a new culture, learning a new language, living life…
Them (forcing a smile, but still noticeably full of questions): “Ok, well, have fun! And, post pictures, I’d love to see your adventures (a.k.a., I want to see this craziness).”
Me (still confident & excited): I’ll post as many pictures as I can, and I look forward to telling you all about my adventures when I return from this amazing experience.”

Remember: If you’re confident about going alone, no one can talk you out of it.

If you are confident in yourself, no one will question you or convince you not to go.
And, trust me, you don’t want to let anyone talk you out of an amazing adventure because after meeting new people, and learning about another culture, you will realize how much we all have in common, and you’ll never have any more reason to worry!
You will have such an amazing experience abroad that you will actually struggle to tell people about your adventures because you’ll just end up saying: “You had to be there!”.

But, that’s why you should travel for you!
Travel is a life changing adventure for those who experience it
because it changes each person individually.

Everyone returns from an adventure abroad with a different perspective
based on their own understanding about what they were exposed to in that new country.

Chapter 4 : Say Yes – To Everything!

Every opportunity is valuable while travelling abroad!
And, unless trying something new puts you in danger, you should always step out of your comfort zone.
If saying yes to something new makes you nervous and excited, than you have nothing to lose, and should just go for it.


When you are exploring and learning new things abroad, and a new opportunity arises,
Don’t hesitate (unless it puts you in danger)!
Just say yes, and do something new and different; learn something new; experience something life-changing.
Every experience in a new country will be worth it because you will always learn something new, and it will make your trip even more memorable.

Think about it this way:
You’re already in a new country, surrounded my a new language and culture. You’re subconsciously learning new things every day. So, you might as well take advantage of every extra opportunity you get to learn and experience even more new things.

You never know where such a simple 3 letter word could lead you.
It could change your whole adventure, and even your life!

So, take the risk, & say YES to that amazing opportunity!

Chapter 5 : New Perspective = New Home

So, you’ve just been on an amazing adventure.
You’ve learned so many new things about the world, and even about yourself.
And, now you’re back home, where everything seems so different.
But, why?
You keep looking to find the things that changed, but you can’t find anything drastically different. But, why does it seem like everything changed? What happened?
Well, nothing. Nothing happened, at home.

Home is the same!
You are different

Okay, okay…
Maybe there was some construction while you were away.
But, all in all, home is the same.
The only difference at home is YOU!
You are the change at home!

It’s a scary thought to think about being out of place at home.
But, after seeing so many different things, learning about yourself in a new country, and learning a new language; your perspective on everything will inevitably change.
Your brain has developed new skills, and new ways of seeing the world.

And, with this new perspective, your friends and family will notice a change in you; and you will even see them differently.
This can seem like a bad thing at first because people won’t know what questions to ask you about this change, and you won’t be able to explain everything that happened to you because it’s just to difficult to explain.

But, that’s okay because some questions just don’t have answer,
and some answers won’t be understood by everyone.

But, while re-adjusting at home, you must stay patient, and learn to live with this amazing, new perspective!
Answer all the questions as best you can, no matter how stupid it seems.
People are just curious about what made you change. Especially if they haven’t travelled; they won’t understand unless you try to explain it to them.

Remember that after an international solo adventure, your patience will be tested, so be prepared to answer the same question multiple times a day.

But, it’s all worth it because it gives you an amazing fresh start & new perspective!


Coming soon…!