My YWAM Journey! 🇦🇺

I’m in Australia!

Thanks for checking out this page.
I really appreciate it.

Click the links below to read the posts I write while living & studying here in Australia.

  1. From Follow me To Send Me
  2. Back To School Again!
  3. Confused, but Ready!
  4. Now, What?
  5. Hearing v.s. Understanding
  6. Love Feeling Confused
  7. VIDEO!
  8. ABC’s Of Love
  9. Dirty Hands
  10. No Control
  11. In This Time…
  12. Hide & Seek with Myself
  13. No More Hiding!
  14. A Poem For The Enemy/
  15. You Are…
  16. She Had No Idea…
  17. Still in Australia?
  18. Spiral…
  19. The Mustard Seed…
  20. Finding Freedom by Popping Bubbles
  21. Lesson from the Mountain Top
  22. You Have No Idea…
  23. Abba Father
  24. Important Word
  25. A poem about evangelism
  26. This is how I fight my battles…

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