This is how I fight my battles…

So, I’ve recently gone through a pretty testing season of life. And, I’ve learned that the only way to win battles is to fight them the right way.

But, before I go into the details, here’s a poem I wrote during this past season:

Dear God,
I’m done
I’m giving up
I can’t carry this anymore
I have nothing left
The world couldn’t fill
What I’m searching for
But I still can’t
Seem to find it
Dear God,
Help me
Fight this battle
Take this weight
From my shoulders
It’s killing me
I’m done with the world
I’m done searching
Show me your truth
Reveal your glory to me
Dear God,
Don’t make me wait
Forgive me
Restore me in your love
Fill me with peace
Show me your grace
Help me see you
Be my answer
Dear God,
I’m done searching
For temporary answers
In the world
You are the answer
I’ve been looking for
This whole time
You were there
Waiting for me
To find you
Dear God,
Thank you
For waiting
For me
To come
And find you
In the midst
Of the chaos
You are
And will always
Be near

You see, I used to get really anxious in uncomfortable situations. And, I mean, REALLY anxious; I would bite my nails A LOT, and start to shut down to the people around me. I still currently have no nails while typing this, but they’re growing back, slowly (just like my relationships with some people)…
Anyways, this past season or my life (the past 6 months) have been teaching me a lot about how to fight my battles in a positive, and productive way.

I’ve learned that fighting my battles is impossible alone; my own strength is not enough (that causes me to bite my nails a lot), and even when people help me, they can’t fully win the battle (especially spiritual battles). The only way I can truly win all my battles is by fighting them with God. He is the ultimate protector in my battles, and He gives me everything I need to win all my battles.
And, this song has been an amazing reminder, and encourager for me, so I hope it inspires you as well.

Thanks for reading!
I hope this post was insightful and encouraging to your soul; and that it filled your spirit with a new sense of hope for your battles.

P.S. The featured picture of this post is me, in the middle of a battle
(that’s how I fight them now.. and it’s successful everytime)!

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

No Control

Sometimes hope disappears
Sometimes strength decreases
Sometimes faith fades


Through it all
We must continue to conquer
And, hold firm to Him


He is greater
He is in control
He is victorious


With Him
We are also victorious
With true hope

Through all the pain, confusion, and disappointment we must remember that we have no control. God is fully in control of everything, and with Him we are More Than Conquerors!

Thanks for reading!
I hope this reminded you to always find your strength & true hope in the only one that has full control over everything!

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

The person in the mirror…

Look in the mirror.
Who do you see?
What do you see?
Does it make you happy?
Does it make you feel proud?
Do you recognize who you see?

. . .

The most important person
is that person staring back at you;
in that mirror.
That person sees your flaws,
your failures,
your dreams,
your goals,
your successes,
your growth,
your life.
So, love that person in the mirror!
They got you this far!
Through thick & thin!
They got you through it all!
They’ve kept you alive!
They’ve given you hope
for your future!
They’ve made you believe
that your dreams
are 100% attainable!
So, love that person in the mirror!


Thanks for reading!

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂