The Grocery Store

The most interesting & culturally diverse place in the world! 

. . .

Seriously though, grocery stores really are the most interesting and culturally diverse places in the world! 

See it for yourself, next time you are in a new country.

Just go visit the local grocery store because you can learn a lot about a culture just by visiting a local grocery store.

. . .

Grocery stores are quite different in every country for multiple reasons. 

Here are a few differences that I’ve noticed:

1- Currency!

Visiting a local grocery store is an easy way to learn the worth of the currency; The different currency means that the prices look different (this helps you better understand the exchange rate).

2- Set up!

Each country has a different view of which foods go where; Based on popularity of that item in the country, and the size of the store area. This also differs between outside markets & inside stores because some countries only sell fruits and vegetables in outside markets while the other items are inside a general store, and vice versa.

3- Items!

Visiting a local grocery store is a great way to learn the popular local food items. It also shows you new and/or different items that you might not find in your home country because grocery stores around the world carry different items that others wouldn’t have, based on; item availability in the country.

Those are just 3 of the main reasons why I love to visit local grocery stores in new countries because you can learn so much!

Grocery stores are kinda like free museums; except better because you actually get to experience the culture, while being completely submerged in it.

And, you get to see new things that you wouldn’t normally see in a normal grocery store (one that you’re accustomed to)

What you know is not all there is in the world!

There’s so much out there to learn about & explore! 

So, next time you visit a new country, visit a local grocery store and take a closer look at those 3 things because I promise, you will already feel like you know a lot about the culture of the country. 

Thanks for reading! I hope this post inspired & encouraged your wanderlust!

P.S. If you notice another cultural difference in grocery stores; Please comment below, I would love to learn more! 


-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

Why I love learning new languages?

Hello – Bonjour – Hola – 你 好

. . .

I’ve always been so fascinated with languages (I don’t know if that’s because I grew up speaking 2 already or because I just really like learning about different languages and cultures)!

. . .

Anyways.. It’s all just so fascinating to me…

…That people communicate in different languages that others don’t understand because the words are different.

. . .

Think about it, when you speak English to your friend in a foreign country the people around you (locals) don’t know what you’re saying because they’ve never been introduced to that language.

Or, even better, when you go to a foreign country and don’t understand what people are telling you because the language is “weird” because it’s not what you grew up listening to and speaking.

. . .

Even the English language has it’s differences throughout the world!

. . .

One of the reasons why I love learning languages is because it not only helps you understand what people are saying to you, it also helps you better understand the culture.
…Think about this next time you go abroad:

Listen to people speak their native language and notice how natural it is for them (like you when you speak your native language), and then, try and have a conversation with them; chances are they will slow down their speech for you, and you will spend half of the conversation thinking about what to say next because you don’t want to embarrass yourself by saying the wrong word.

. . .

Although it may it be difficult and embarrassing to learn a new language, it’s also one big reason why I love traveling so much; I can finally put my language learning to use and see if it is actually possible to learn a completely new language and be able to be understood as well as, understand, locals.


Thanks for reading! I hope this post inspired you to learn a new language and travel abroad to use your new, amazing & highly valued skill! 

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

Country-Island-City kid…

You’re such a city kid! You belong on the island! You seem like a country person! 

. . .

If you’ve never been told any of these sentences, then you’re doing a great job at blending in with your surroundings! Congratulations! 

However, if people tell you those things, it doesn’t mean that you’re not still great at adapting to your surroundings; it just shows that sometimes people see your last destination in you because you’re still learning to adapt to your current surroundings!
And, that’s totally fine! It just means that you’re taking your time to learn about your new surroundings (the new culture), so, when you do adapt, people think you fit in well! 

. . .

Never be afraid to take your time adapting while in a new place! 

Learning about a new culture takes time (as it should) because in order to truly fit in you must, first, learn about the ins & outs about the culture from your new surroundings!

In order to truly fit in, you must stand out, while learning to fit in! 


Thanks for reading! I hope this post inspires you to continue to learn about different cultures around the world! 


-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

Wander Always… 

I have major wanderlust! I am always homesick for places I’ve never been! I always want to be elsewhere and my wanderlust grows stronger the more I Travel!
Every time I travel, I’ve found that the best way to truly wander is to just get lost and immerse yourself completely in the moment and the culture!
You must get out of your comfort zone and go somewhere completely new & different where no one knows your name->That’s what true traveling and wandering is! 

. . .

If you related to any of those statements above, then you will definitely relate to the following post.

Traveling is a way of life! It’s a life long adventure that never ends! And, the only way to make it even better is to explore the world!

There’s so much to see out there that I can hardly sit still (just thinking about it and writing this post; I need to see it all, it’s all so fascinating & exciting)!

I want traveling to become my life because it’s so exciting to me to just explore new and different countries and their cultures. 

Every time I go on an adventure, it becomes more than a simple trip because I live for new adventures & new experiences!

. . .

Some people say that they dislike traveling and everything that goes with it. I don’t and will never understand this because for me it’s what I live for; Traveling is what keeps me waking up every morning.

Everyone has that one (small or big) thing that gets them out of bed in the morning; whether it’s: family, school, work, the sun, the rain, going for a run, etc. Something that gets you excited for the day ahead.

Well, for me, that reason is: Traveling!

. . .

Here are five reasons why (I think) you should travel to a new country (at least once):

1- Get out of your comfort zone!
Get away from what you know and what you are accustomed to; Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.

2- Learn something new!
True learning can only happen when you leave your comfort zone because there’s so much you don’t know until you travel and explore a different country & culture.

3- See the world and the people in it!
We are all different, but we’re also so similar. The only way to truly understand what that means is to travel because the world seems big now, but once you travel you will realize that it’s even bigger than you thought.  You need to see and experience more than just your little bubble (comfort zone).

4- Become humbled by your experience abroad!
Traveling really does humble you because you realize how little you actually know about anything. And, sometimes, when you can’t speak a language, you get frustrated because you feel dumb, but that’s why we travel: to learn, be humbled and open our eyes to more.

5- Stop surviving and start living!
Life’s not meant for you to just work and pay bills; start Living your life to the fullest. Stop being stressed, scared or anxious, let go of every worry and doubt & take a trip.

Two extra reasons (that I just thought of while writing this post):

1- No one I’ve ever met has said that they regret traveling; so what do you really have to loose (I promise you have more to gain than you will ever loose by traveling)!

2- Traveling makes your life exciting because it gives you more real and interesting stories to tell (you can teach people what you learned while traveling, and encourage them)!


Thanks for reading! I hope this post inspired you to take a trip & explore the world!

Remember: There’s always something out there to explore & learn!


-LiveForAdventure! 🙂


“Wow! The next generation is gonna ruin this world that we worked so hard to build for them!”
Says: people born in the 60’s

. . .

The following letter is for people born in the 60s.

Dear elder & wiser human, 

     Please don’t be offended by this; just read through to the end; and try to understand our point of view for once, please & thank you.

I don’t understand why you say that we are going to ruin the world because no one obviously wants to ruin the world; maybe we were just not told how we should actually treat the world.

I mean, let’s be honest, people have told us to respect the world, but those same people are always complaining about how we are gonna ruin it anyways.
So, why are you wasting your time telling us to take care of your world, but then, also complaining about the state of our world?

We just don’t get it! If you’re that worried, take initiative & teach the next generations things you learned to take care of the world, and then you won’t have to complain anymore because you taught the next generation, so you will be more confident in the future of the world with a generations that you taught.

Some of you will say: “but they don’t listen anyways, they just do their own thing.”
To you, I answer: “maybe if you stopped complaining about us, to us, we would listen to you better and actually start taking your advice. But, as long as you keep complaining about us ruining your world, we won’t take you seriously because we don’t think you really care.”

Because, to us, if you cared, you would stop complaining & give us real tips and tricks on how to treat the world because most of us are clueless (some of us realize that the future is important because we were raised with good advice, but others didn’t have older and wiser people in their lives to take advice from), so we need you to teach us things from your past that will actually help us in the future of our world! 

In conclusion, please stop complaining about the next generations (us) and start doing something to better the future of our world!
Because it is OUR world and I promise you that the next generation wants to respect it as much as you, we just (sometimes) don’t know how because we are newer to this world and need to learn from our elder and more experienced humans! 

The next generation
that cares about the future of our world
just as much as you!

P.S. Thank you for what you’ve done so far in our world. Please teach us things from your past to help us continue to keep the world spinning!

Thanks for reading! 

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

The woman on the street…

What is she doing?  Why do I always see her in the same spot?  How long has she been here?

. . .

Those are all questions I ask myself on my commute to work.

You see; I always walk by the same way to get to work. And, everyday while walking on this street (I’m not actually going to tell you the street name, duh) at 7:00am, I always pass this lady with four or five suitcases, a few grocery bags and a blue tarp.
I promise I’m not stalking her; I’ve been taking this street for months to get to work; when all of a sudden, one day, I see this random lady with all her belongings inhabiting the sidewalk.
So, I become very curious, and now, every time time I go to work and see her still there, I wonder things like: Where did she come from? Why did she choose this street to “live” on? Why does she have so much stuff with her? Does she have family? I even find it interesting that she isn’t asking for money or anything from anyone passing-by (she just sits there reading the newspaper)?

. . .

To be honest, I kinda like seeing that she is still there because it gives me a sense of relief (she seems to be doing fine),  it triggers my curiosity (but, why is she there) and it helps me remember to be thankful for everything I have (like the job I am walking to while looking at & questioning this scene).
However, some days, I wish I could walk down that street, & not see her there because then I would be even more curious and ask questions like: where did she go? is she ok? did she find a better spot? did she find a home? did her family come?

I think the worst part of this scenario is, that most people that walk by probably don’t even Look in her direction because they’re scared that she will ask them for something or even worse they’re scared that they will Feel sympathy/empathy for the woman.

I think this is also something that happens in most cultures in the world and that needs to change! (if you agree like this post) (maybe even share it, if you want)

. . .

I don’t exactly know how to change it but; If you stop questioning it, and look at the big picture; The woman obviously knows her own story and we know ours. And, sometimes that’s enough but, sometimes we need to learn about others to understand our story even better.

Don’t be too quick to judge; try to talk to someone before judging them.
You never know what you could learn about them & about yourself!


Thanks for taking the time to read this post!


-LiveForAdventure! 🙂


After a trip/adventure, most people are speechless & can’t stop talking!

Let me be the first (probably not first, but you know what I mean) to say: If that ^ happens to you after a trip/adventure, it is a good thing; it means your experience has taught you a lot!

. . .


You see.. I saw this picture a few days ago and immediately thought about writing something, because it’s so true (the pictures speaks a thousands words).

 . . .

You see.. I LOVE to travel and every time I travel I am in AWE of where I am. It never sinks-in until a few days or even weeks into the trip and sometimes it doesn’t sink-in until I get back home.. and, then, at home, people are constantly asking me about my trip.
And, to be honest, sometimes I can’t answer all their questions because I don’t even know how to describe my trip in words; I try, but I become speechless after saying a few words..  and, then, a few days or weeks after I’ve had time to process my experiences, I start to realize everything that has changed and begin to know how to tell people about my trip.

. . .

I think that occurs because during and after the trip, I am still in awe and thinking about the things I learned and I’m not ready to tell anyone or try to explain anything yet.
But, when it finally sinks-in and I fully understand what I learned on my trip, I begin to get excited to tell people and the words just come to me because I am so excited that no matter what I say, people will listen because they know how much the trip meant to me. And, maybe my excitement will encourage them to go to this place.

. . .

Traveling does, in fact, make you speechless!


When we travel and come home, home is still the same, but something in our minds has changed, and that changes everything!

…We don’t know how to react with our new perspective. We are trying to live with our new found perspective on life! (that’s the secret of traveling)

So, next time you are speechless after a trip & people are asking all sorts of questions, just tell them about the most exciting parts of your trip because that’s the part they want to hear anyways… the personal experiences are for your learning & perspective anyway (you can tell them if you want, but they will learn in their own way, during their own trip).

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! Happy travels! 🙂



-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

Why travel?

“When you travel, you realize how dumb you really are & how little you know about the world around you!”

. . .

The reality is that; People that travel a lot tend to be smarter, more open-minded and more outgoing!
Because when you travel, you learn new things, you experience difference things and you learn the importance of respecting other cultures & people.

. . .

In life, you must travel and step out of your comfort zone in order to really understand the real world around you!
Seeing a different perspective of the world is necessary for your growth!

. . .

Travel is also a way to escape your thoughts. It makes you focus and think about all the new and interesting things around you. Instead of being stuck in your thoughts you are learning and experiencing new things.

“Travel is a secret tonic and those who do not travel, don’t know/understand what others talk about!”

You see; I’ve been to a few different countries and I’ve loved every second of them. But, every time I try to explain my trip to someone: They either don’t really care, They don’t understand because they don’t like traveling, or They don’t want to know because they want to go there “one day” (they don’t want you to “spoil” it for them).
The amount of times I’ve heard all these excuses is ridiculous. I mean if you really have “the travel bug”, you should want to hear about other people’s travels because it should make you more excited about your next trip.

. . .

If that ever happens to you, let me just say that; The best way to continue to love traveling and keep planning your next trip is to tell people about it broadly because most of the time they don’t really care about the details of your trip. And, if they do they will ask questions and seem interested and excited for you; and those are the people who can Really talk to about your next trip and possibly get even more excited.

Fellow travelers should always encourage each other!
That doesn’t mean ignore the people that say that traveling isn’t for them; you should tell them about your trip (maybe it will encourage them to travel), but, if not, don’t expect them to understand everything either!

. . .

Travel is a personal experience because when we travel it changes who we are and how we see the world; it can’t change the people around us.
So, next time you are talking about your trip to someone who doesn’t seem to understand, skip the little details and tell them about the most exciting things that happened during your adventure.
However, if you are talking to someone who seems really interested, tell them about the little details because they will appreciate it.
Also, chances are, if they’re interested in the little details, it means that they have traveled before, or really want to travel to that place, and they might be able to relate to your experiences, which is much more fun then having to explain everything to someone who doesn’t care or doesn’t get it.

“Travel is the only we buy that makes us richer.”


Thanks for reading!
P.S. Let’s encourage each other to travel because traveling is AMAZING! And, chances are, if you read this post to the end, you think so too. So, if you want to tell anyone about your trips & adventures or travel plans, post it in the comments below or message me.
I’m sure others will love to read about it! If not, I sure do!



-LiveForAdventure! 🙂



In society, since the beginning  (since, like, forever), age has played a HUGE role in establishing societal rules.
But, Why?

. . .

Think about it: since forever: people have been slaves to their age. Waiting to be a certain age to: be king, drink, drive, get their first job, etc…
And, I think that the worst part is that:
1-the age to do certain things has changed drastically throughout the years
2-it changes from place to place (even within the same country).

. . .

I know some people say that the answer is: Maturity. But is that really THE answer.
So many other factors can influence the “legal” age of a place.
(Maturity is and should be a huge defining factor, but should it really be the only thing people think about when you tell them your age).

For example; If someone is 16-17 and has their first job, why should people treat them differently than someone who is 35 and has their first job?
Think about it: They are both being trained to do the same things for the first time in their life, so, Why should age matter?

And, after that, we have to look at education of a country.
For example; If the 16-17 year old in that scenario is still in school, but the 35 year old dropped out and never went back; Does this change the answer to the previous question?

And, lastly, we have to look at general background (criminal, family, culture…).
For example; If the 16-17 year old is an A+ (honor) student with a lot of volunteer experience, but the 35 year old dropout has a not so good record; Does this change the answer to the previous questions?

. . .

All this just to tell you that; Next time you are talking to someone and you are surprised by their age (young or old); Ask them general questions about their education, culture, life goals, motivation, etc…

Remember: Education, Culture, Life goals and Motivation 
can tell you A LOT more about a person than their age!


Thanks for reading!


-LiveForAdventure! 🙂



. . .

Some people say: “Being curious is what kills you”.
Well, to those people, I answer back saying: “Those who are not curious have not lived”.

. . .

I mean, just think about it for a minute!

-Curiosity is probably the reason you tried all those new & scary things;
It’s probably even the reason why you are, where you are today.

-If you were never curious, you would never have:

  • moved out of home?
  • skydived?
  • got the job you work today?
  • tried new food?
  • traveled somewhere new?
  • & so much more…

I think that those who are not curious don’t enjoy life as much because let’s be honest curiosity is the only reason you stepped out of the box to do all those new, scary & exciting things.
Curiosity has gotten you to where you are today! So, don’t be afraid of the unknown, instead be curious!

Thanks for reading & Remember:

When life becomes too monotonous, let your curiosity guide you!


Curiosity makes you smarter! 😉

*Embrace your curiosity!*

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

Why I love traveling? / Belize Trip-Part 2!

I still can’t ‘Belize’ I was in this country! (sorry for the bad pun, but I had to do it)

. . .

I had such a great experience in Belize that it’s really difficult to put into words and explain it to people (especially those who have never traveled before).

. . .

However, I can say that; My favorites types of trips are: when I go to a new country and come back, I feel different and I feel like I really accomplished something during the trip.
I feel like whenever you feel changed; during & after a trip; is when you know it was worth it. That’s the biggest reward for travel & the biggest reason why I love to travel!

Traveling is an adventure that changes your perspective & gives you a whole new view on the world! Every time we travel; we learn, see or do something new; something that we wouldn’t have or see or even notice in our own backyard…
We need to travel & step outside our comfort zone in order to experience new and different things to feel changes.

For me, travel always makes me content; it always gives me an amazing & fulfilling adventure & experience that leaves me speechless!
Comment down below if you feel the same way about traveling or comment saying one things that always cheers you up!


Thanks for reading!
And commenting (if you did)!


-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

P.S. Attached below are some pictures from my trip!

The view from the dining area!
Beautiful sunset on the beach!
Tents on the island/beach!
Market snapshot!
Xunantunich Ruins!

Belize! (part 1) 

OMG! I was in BELIZE! 😮

Disclaimer: The following words and sentences were written late at night while I was laying in my bed (see pic below) thinking about what an amazing first leg this trip has been already… 

My bed for 6 days!

I mean: I woke up this morning (April 19), very sleepy, with the flu.. Yet, I still got up and got on the airplane (7 hours) , a 4 hour bus ride and a 1 hour & 30 minute boat ride…
After 12 hours & 30 minutes of traveling, I made it to Glover’s Reef; where I had a tour of the island (Middle Caye) & had an amazing Belizean supper.
The trip so far as been amazing and all I can do now is go to sleep and wait for another amazing day tomorrow… Good Night!

*The next day I wrote something (which happens to be the last day at Glover’s Reef)*

What? Where did the past 6 days go? 😊  Tomorrow is our last day at Glover’s Reef and then we head to the town of Dangriga, to the Belize zoo… I’m excited to see the zoo, but I don’t want to leave this island… I’ve been having such a great time in Belize (even with all the sunburns and bugbites. Excited to see what the next leg brings!

Belize is an AMAZING country that doesn’t get enough credit!

Thanks for reading Part 1 of my Belize trip!
P.S. The map shows where we stayed for the first 6 days.
*More Belize posts to come soon! (I just got back yesterday & I wanted to post something)*


-LiveForAdventure! 🙂