Look! – A Poem (no strings attached)

Look, my child!
My love for you comes with no strings attached! – God
“A poem inspired by the creator”

Growing Lungs & Changing Heart

I amsculptingstrengtheninggrowingyour lungsmaking themperfectstrongand bigger than everbecauseI need youtotell the worldabout methrough your story I am changingre-moldingre-shaping your heartmaking itheavy and giving itthe desires of my heartbecauseI want youtofollow my planfor youandlove othersas I love you Thanks for reading! I hope this reminded you that change is necessary for growth; but you can’t grow if…

In This Time…

In this timeWe mustRememberThe truth There’s nothing we can doBut remember the great I Am And hold onto faithThat this too shall pass The great I Am Has all the powerKnows all thingsIs always with us Our only taskIs to trustPut our faith And hope in Him He has never let us downIn other times…

I need you!

Yes, you! I need YOU! Don’t give up now! This poem is for anyone out there going through a tough time in life right now. Please, don’t do it! I know you’re tired! But, just focus on staying healthy, and keeping your mind fit! I know it’s exhausting! It feels like the only way out….