A message of hope for the lonely

Comes and goes
God remains

Becomes a trigger
God remains

Feels out of reach
God remains

Seems impossible
God remains

Through all the loneliness, remember that God remains the same through it all. He is always there within reach inviting you into His house. He wants you to join His family more than anything because He loves you!

Thanks for reading!
I hope this reminded you that through your loneliness:

God always remains!

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sharing this Christmas season!

What if social status was measured by happiness, instead how much money you have in the bank?

Some people eat food they cooked from what they bought at the grocery store.
Some people can order their food, and have someone else cook it.
Some people really have to work to feed themselves for just one meal.
Some people can work for an entire month, and barely make enough for an apple.

But, who is truly the happiest in those scenarios?

Sure, having food in your stomach everyday feels great. But, after a while you start taking it for granted, and looking for other things to fill the void.
But, people that work for their food, appreciate their meal because it came from their own hard work, and that makes them feel accomplished.
But, the people that go weeks without eating, truly appreciate their meal because they know what it feels like to be empty, and still need to work hard. This food fills their body and soul, which gives them energy to work even harder for more food, and it makes them truly happy and successful.

*Think of an apple.*

A simple fruit that for some, doesn’t seem expensive at all. And, for others, it’s the easiest fruit to buy. But, for those that go weeks without eating, it can literally be their ticket back to life.

The average price of a pound of apples is $1.18.
And, there are approximately 4-5 apples in a pound.
Which means that one apple costs around $0.30.
So, it literally costs $0.30 to save someone’s life.
Or, even just $2 to give someone true happiness for a full week.

Just let that sink in for a moment!

This post was inspired when I discovered an amazing organisation that is doing great things.
They are a non-profit where people can donate $0.50 / day to feed a child in a developing country for an entire day.
This organisation is called: Share The Meal
I recommend checking it out, especially during this season because this is a time of giving (isn’t it).
If you want to give back this Christmas, & give joy & hope to people that truly need it, check it out!

Click the picture!

Thanks for reading!
I hope this post made you think, & inspired you to notice all your blessings!

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚

These scars…

These scars won’t last
They might hurt now
The pain just feels too real
Will they ever go away?

These scars cut deep
They are changing you
You can barely think anymore
Will it ever become normal again?

These scars are opening a new chapter
They could become positive
But, right now, they feel deadly
Will it ever feel good?

These scars have taken something from you
Maybe it’s happiness, or sadness
Or, innocence, or willingness
Or, maybe even your life?

But, even with these scars
You are still here
There’s still time
So, what will you do now?

These scars is a metaphorical poem I wrote during a confusing time in my life.
The scars mentioned (while they could be real scars) represent past mistakes/memories that will never be forgotten, and that are constantly haunting and hurting.”

Thank you for reading to the end!
I hope this poem encourages you to turn your scars into amazing things for your future self
because it’s never too late!

P.S. This poem was also inspired by this song!

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚

Solo Travel Tip #3

This tip is about:

. . .

When you finally decide to step out of your comfort zone, and travel abroad alone, you’re going to be so happy, and proud, but there’s one thing you should know.

When you travel abroad alone, you are going to want to make international friends, and meet people that speak the language and know the culture.
So, while you’re alone in a foreign country, that’s what you do.
That’s what’s on your mind because you don’t want to be alone all the time, so you start making friends to explore with, learn the language, and make amazing international connections.
And, in the moment, it’s all amazing and great fun, but soon it’s going to be time to say bye to that amazing country and those awesome new friends. And, that’s when the difficult part begins.

. . .

The first hardest part is actually saying bye to your amazing new friends.
The second hardest part is leaving a new country and culture that you started adapting to and loving so much.
The third, and final hardest part is going home, and getting used to seeing everything differently.

. . .

While traveling abroad alone, you learn more about yourself, you make new friendships and you learn to live differently in another country.
And, although all these things are awesome, the worst part is coming back to your home country because your perspective has changed, and sometimes it can feel weird to go back to your old ways. Especially when you had such a good experience abroad; you don’t want to lose this amazing, new version of yourself.

. . .

So, if you ever feel lost after a trip abroad:
Remember that stepping out of your comfort zone and changing your perspective is what it takes to move forward, and change your life.
And, now you have friends in another country that you can visit whenever you feel homesick for that country.

Thanks for reading!

I hope this post encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, and change your perspective on the world (don’t be afraid of doing something different!).


-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Memory Lane…

A trip down memory lane…

Things used to be a little more black & White
Life seemed so much simpler
It never mattered what the weather was
Cuz jumping in all the puddles used to be normal
And running around under the sun with no set purpose was simply exciting

Those were the good ol’ days…

When worries used to be so low
that nothing even mattered,
And happiness was always high

Those were the good ol’ days…

When no mistake was a big deal
And decisions didn’t impact so much
No mistake or decisions mattered so much

Those were the good ol’ days…

Everything used to be better
And easier
And funner
And chiller
And just all around, straight-forward
Black or white, that was it
No confusion

Those were the good ol’ days…

But now, things are no longer black & white
There seems to be more gray now
Nothing will ever be the same
Everything about those days has gone
But one thing remains from those days
The good ol’ lessons

Those were the good ol’ days…

I will always remember them
And their lessons
Good and bad
Cuz they’ve taught me so much

These are the good ol’ days…

Thanks for reading!
Have a good day! And, cherish every moment because one day, today will be “the good ol’ days”!

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚

Life is all about the hustle!

We all want to leave some sort of legacy behind for people to remember us by.
We work so hard to make sure people remember us for something big.
We spend most of our lives trying to impress the “big boss” to get that big promotion, so we can start making a difference.

. . .

And, all that is great and all; we should have dreams and goals. Hustling for what you want is great. But, what if, after all that hard work you never get that promotion? Then, what?

…If it were me, I’d probably be a little sad and depressed, and I wouldn’t have any energy left to create another legacy.

So, instead of waiting for that perfect moment, why not just start creating your legacy today?

. . .

Legacies don’t need to be spectacular shows, like those of history (like Martin Luther king Jr and other historical figures).

You can start making a difference right now, just by being YOU!
That’s the best legacy you can ever create!

I mean, think about it. That’s the one thing that all those people have in common; they are all remembered because they believed in something, and made it change. And, they didn’t stop until people believed in what they were doing and joined in.

They believed in themselves until others started to as well!

That’s the best way to create a legacy; believe in yourself so much that others have no choice but to start believing in you too.
If you do that, you will be remembered for being you and encouraging others to be themselves.

. . .

Don’t just work your whole life away for that one promotion to start your life legacy; start creating it now!

The definition of legacy says: “A gift of some sort, handed down from one generation to the next.”.

So, what gift do you want to leave for the world? (Not just your family, but the entire world?!?)

Remember, it doesn’t have to be a tangible thing; it can be love, happiness, inclusion, peace, etc.
But, whatever it is, you need to live by it everyday! And, people will eventually start to catch on!

That’s all you need to do to create a legacy, perseverance and self-confidence!


Thanks for reading!
Now, go create your legacy!

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚


So, I just had a “weird” experience.

. . .

I just went to the movie theatre here in Chile and watched a Spanish movie (w/o subtitles).

. . .

It might not seem like such a weird thing, but that’s the best word I could think of to describe it.

It made me feel weird because I’ve been living here for 3 months and hearing Spanish everyday, so it’s become normal to me.

But, going to the movie theatre was a similar experience for me that I forgot I was even in Chile.

I just watched the movie in spanish and my brain hardly had to think about it (the words just made sense in my brain).

I mean, sure, there were pictures, which definitely did help, but, even in moments when the people were just standing still talking, I understood what they were saying like it was normal.

It was only after the movie that I realized that I had just watch an entire Spanish movie with no subtitles or translator and I actually understood it.

I actually laughed at the jokes when other people laughed (which is how I knew I was laughing at the right time and how I knew that I actually understood what was happening in the movie).

. . .

So, you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all this.

Well, one: Because I felt proud of myself and wanted to share it with someone.

And, two: Because I realized that I can maybe inspire someone out there to learn a new language.

. . .

Now that I know that after 3 months of listening and living in Spanish I can watch a Spanish movie and understand it, it gives me hope that I can one day become fluent. And so, that’s what I’m trying to do.

After the movie, I really started trying to listen to people around me and actually respond with full sentences, not just one word. And, it’s actually been so worth it because it makes me feel happy to know that I understand what people are saying and that I can respond and be understood.

. . .

And, that’s why I think everyone should learn another language.

It takes a lot of work and dedication, but in the end you will feel so proud of your accomplishment that you will want to continue to learn the language, and maybe even have the courage to try another new thing.

Thanks for reading! (Gracรญas para leer!)

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚

My Favorite Type of Tree!

Grow little tree, grow! You can do it! Don’t look behind you!

. . .

Behind the scene of that picture:

So, yesterday I went out for a walk around the town I live (Quillota) here in Chile. And, while walking, I started taking pictures of random things around town that might inspire a post or that I might want to post on Instagram. And, the picture above fit into both of those categories.
Here’s why:

I didn’t have any set goal in mind or place to be. I just stepped out the door with the thought of going out to wander because it was such a beautiful & sunny summer day in February that I had to take advantage of this weather and this beautiful country.
So, that’s what I did. I, seriously just walked around town; from one end to another (I walk until I reached the highway on both ends of town).
And, I after a while, I started heading back because I knew it would be supper time soon, and I didn’t want to make people worry. So, I started heading back, while still subconsciously searching for inspiration, so, I decided to walk back on the main road because I thought: “maybe the best inspiration will be hidden in plain sight”.
And, I was right, because that’s when I looked in the middle of the road at the palm trees planted all along the median, while the sun was perfect, the sky was a great colour of blue, the mountains were the perfect backdrop, the road was cleared… so, I crossed to the middle and took that picture (above).
And, while taking that picture, this sentence came to my mind: “Always Growing!”

~ Every picture has a story! ~

. . .

As the quote under the picture says: “In life, you can’t keep looking behind you. Whether it’s at your past self or others, you have to keep looking forward in order to keep growing.”.
Everyone grows differently and at a different pace.
We are similar to the tree in that way because we all started from something small, but there was that one thing that happened in our life that started our growth; Either through fear, sadness or happiness, and since then, we will always be growing a little each and every day.

Thanks for reading!
I hope this inspired you to: “Grow little tree, grow! You can do it! Don’t look behind you!” because you are doing a great job and you are amazing!

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚

My Own Material

For today’s post, I was challenged to look through my old Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts and pick something that stood out to me and write what I think about it now.

. . .

So, I chose to look through my Instagram feed and, while scrolling through, my very first Instagram post stood out to me.

Here it is:

The comment under it, just said: “Smile”.

. . .

While thinking about how I feel about it now, I could only say: “I’m so glad this was my first Instagram post because it reminds me to always remember to smile, no matter what’s happening around me. Smiling is so much easier (and much more worth it) than being angry or upset at the world all the time.” And, just like the comment says, it’s simple; just Smile (one powerful word).

Just a simple smile can turn your whole day around!

. . .

And, also, while scrolling through my Instagram feed, I noticed how much it changed and evolved throughout the years.

From: Just random pictures I would find on the internet that seemed interesting.

To: Pictures I take on my own adventures.

It changed from, a random Instagram account, to, more of a traveling account.

It was very interesting to look back and see my own journey because it helped me see that I’ve come very far. And, it gives me hope that I will still keep going far.

. . .

So, now I challenge you to go through one of your social media feeds and find something that sticks out to you, OR, just look at your journey and notice how much your posts have changed over time. (Comment below with what you discovered).

Thanks for reading! I hope this inspired you to remember where and how you started, and to have faith and hope in your future.

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚


“Over-thinking kills your happiness.”


. . .

For today’s post, I was told to pick a random quote and write something about it. So, I picked the previous quote, but, I don’t really know what to write.
So, I found these two pictures that explain my thoughts of the quote.



Thanks for reading!
Now that you know you don’t need to over-think anymore, you can go start to take all the opportunities that come your way.
Live & create an amazing life for yourself!

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚

A rollercoaster year!

Hold up!
Before I even start to talk about this past year, I just have to say that in the beginning of this year I would have never imagined being here in Chile for New Year’s.
That’s just crazy!

. . .

I’ll admit, this year has had it’s down/low moments, but in general, 2017 has been an amazing year.
I’ve accomplished so many things that I am proud to say that I’ve accomplished.

  • Going to Belize!
  • Graduating college!
  • Growing this blog! (Thankย You)
  • Working at a great hotel!
  • Just living life!
  • And, now, living in Chile!

Honestly, this year has been so crazy that I don’t even want to make any resolutions or a bucket list for next year because I didn’t make one this year, yet I’ve accomplished so much.ย 

. . .

I still can’t believe today is the last day of 2017.
So much can happen in 365, and you don’t even realize it until it’s all done.
And, if 2017 wasn’t your year, you have another 365 days to change that, with another great year ahead!

. . .

Here’s to 2018!

Quillota, Chile

Thank you so much for reading my blog this past year, and, remember to always continue to:ย 

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Free Love! (your Sunday reminder)ย 

* * * Please read ’til the end! Thanks! * * *

Jesus, the son of God, literally stood in front of death to save you!

Think about it this way: Jesus was just walking by and he saw you in trouble, so, he came over and stood in front of you to protect you from what was coming. And, that was death. He acted as a one time human shield for you, so that you could live forever and get to know HIS father.

Jesus took the bullet for you to live to get to know HIS father!

What are you going to do about that? Are you just going to sit there and wait for your mediocre life to be over? Or are you going to do something about it?

. . .

Imagine if that person that took the bullet for you wasn’t Jesus; maybe it was your best friend or a complete stranger; the fact remains that, they did it out of pure love for you to keep living because they knew it was worth it! Their perents should hate you for letting them do that for you, but no; instead their parents love you SO much!

That’s God’s love for you! He let his son take the bullet for you, and now all he wants in return is to love you and get to know you like his own son/daughter!

So, will you accept this free, grace-given love?ย 

In my opinion, you totally should (after all, it is free), all you have to do is love him back (which shouldn’t be that hard, given his son died for you).

However, no one (especially not God; He is the most patient person ever) is forcing you to accept this (free & grace-given) love. But, trust me, if or when you do your life will be completely changed for the better!

So, now it’s up to you.

Will you accept it? Or will you continue to live in guilt & fear?

Before you decide: Just remember;ย He wanted his son to die for YOU; & all he wants in return is to love you and get loved back!ย 

Thanks for reading!

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚

Smile! / Why I write?ย 

Even just a simple smile can turn your day around! 

. . .

It’s true!

Try it out: Next time you’re having a bad day, just force out a little grin and see how your mood changes slightly, and then start smiling more and more throughout the day!

It really does help your mood (even just slightly)!

I’m not exactly sure why it helps, but it really does.

I think it has something to do with how, when we smile we release some sort of happy chemical to our brain, which flips a switch in our brain and turns our day brighter! 

. . .

When I first started this blog, it was just a place for my thoughts. My main purpose was just to make people Smile and think!

But, as I continued to write, I still want to put a smile on your faces and encourage you, as well as, share stories from my adventures to give you more hope, happiness, and maybe even a desire to travel more (because it truly is the best decision you could ever make).

. . .

Anyways, all this to say that, with this link: ShineText  you can sign up for an amazing service that sends you daily motivation and inspiration right to your phone.

And, it’s completely FREE!

There might be clouds out now, covering you, but you just have to keep shinning; eventually you will make it through!

Thanks for reading!

And, remember; Stay inspired & Never give up!

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚

A poem/letter…

My first blog post poem!ย 

Now, I guess I should disclaim that I didn’t technically come up with this poem on my own.
I came across a post this past week where someone was sharing their feelings, and while reading it, I decided to put together some of the words to form an encouraging letter/poem.

It turned out as the following:

Reach for it!

Your just sitting there,
Reading this,
Distracting yourself
From pain of life,
Livin’ here on earth,
With, & like, everyone else.
Finding happiness
In someone else’s life,
Like a moment of joy in your day,
Hoping it will take the pain away
Knowing that,

At least someone you know is having fun.

Well, stop reaching!

Put your hand on your chest.
Yup, that fearless push means your here,
And you’ve always been here.
Your heartbeat means you’re human

You are someone’s favorite human.
Someone’s best memory.
A home for someone.
A safe place they come to.
A home where people feel comfortable & happy.

You’re all those things and much more!
Don’t convince yourself to blend in!
Stand out!
Someone out there needs you to so badly!
Your life is not a mistake!
You are so much more than you think!


Thanks for reading! I hope this inspired you to stand out & always be yourself!ย 

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚

Drowning with guilt & happiness…ย 

Don’t let guilt ruin your happiness! If you’ve ever felt guilty for being too happy, read the following post.

. . .

So, I see that you kept reading.
That, either means you’re just curious about this post or you really do feel guilty about being too happy.
Either way, I hope this post helps.

. . .

The feeling of guilt from beingย too happy probably comes from one (or all) of the following reasons:

1- You’ve been depressed or had anxiety for a period in your life, and it’s hard for you to feel true happiness anymore.ย 

2- You don’t think you deserve happiness. You don’t think you’re worthy of happiness.ย 

3- You think that, with everything going on in the world, no one should be happy because you don’t want to be naive.

Well let me just say: All of those reasons are lies your conscience tells you to keep you from being happy because good things happen when were happy and sometimes we’re scared of good things happening to us.

. . .

So, if you ever feel 1 (or all 3) of these reasons, let me just say:ย 

1- If you can overcome depression & anxiety, you definitely deserve to be happy!

2- Everyone deserves happiness, no matter who you are, you’re definitely not on this earth to be sad all the time!

3- If you start to be happier, you will start spreading happiness & positivity in the world, which might help everything going on in the world! You never know the impact you can have!

4- Happiness & positivity will help you achieve your goals & dreams (like making the world better)!

5- Being happy is much more fun than being sad!ย 

. . .

Oh, and, one more thing.
If you are reading this and you are depressed or anxious, just know that you (or anyone) should notย force you to be happy.
Take your time to get through this season.
Taking small steps everydayย will lead you to true happiness again.
Small steps in the right direction with feelings, is better than one quick steps in the right direction without feelings.ย 

Happiness + Positivity = Goals & Dreams Achieved

Never feel guilty for being happy, we all need more happiness & positivity in the world! If you’re happy about something smile, don’t hide your happiness!ย 

Hiding your happiness is like letting yourself drown, but knowing how to swim! Come back to the surface & find true happiness!


Thanks for reading! Please remember to smile at least once a day! ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

I can’t breathe!ย 

It feels like I’m breathing through a straw!
No, seriously tho, some days, I really can’t breathe; that’s not just a metaphor (or click-bait).
But, it did give me the inspiration to write the following post.

Anyways… Moving on…

I feel like I’m drowning!
Everything around just seems like it’s happening!
I want to & need to start living in the moment!
But how?ย 

. . .

Do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motion of life! You’ve become motionless because everything and everyone around you seem to have their life together, but you’re just sitting in the corner watching it all happen?ย 

Well, if so, let me tell you that you need to get up & get out of the corner now.
Go take charge and change your life (no one will do it for you)!

You need to start living your life to the fullest, stop going through the motion!
If you hate your job, quit. If you hate your house, move.

Don’t stay somewhere (in the corner) if it’s making it impossible for you to grow and be truly happy!

And, if you can’t really quit your job or move away for some (personal) reasons, let me suggest; that you take a vacation far away from everything, where you won’t think about anything and then see what happens when you come back. If you still feel motionless then you know you have to quit your job and move somewhere new. If not, (if you found your motivation) then continue to take vacations (not just a day, try 3-4 weeks|it will make you feel much better and much more motivated) from the norm that you know to escape the motions of life for a while.ย 

. . .


Thanks for reading!
Now, go & take that much needed vacation & just focus on breathing!


-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Find Your Purpose!



Let’s face it, sometimes you have a bad day (week, month, year, etc.) that you think will never end. But, think about it, they have all passed before, so why should this time be any different?

. . .

Well, this time you can make it Better; By Finding Your Purpose.

Here’s how:
Think about something that gives you a sense of excitement and happiness every time you think about it.
Whatever it is, whether it’s: graduating, getting that dream job, going somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, starting a family, buying a house, buying a car, buying those awesome pairs of shoes you’ve always wanted, etc.
Anything that gives you a sense of excitement is connected to your purpose.

And, if you want to follow your dream and fulfill your purpose, work towards it with the things that make you happy and excited. Take little steps each day that will get you closer to your goal.
Obviously, it won’t be easy, but if you really want to find your purpose you will take the necessary steps to get there.

Every amazing success comes out of great determination, patience & excitement!

So… Get excited about your purpose because if it excites you, then it’s part of your future!

Thanks for reading!



-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚


Does the future give you anxiety? Do you feel stressed about little things? Do you feel like you’re not really living? Everything around you just happens, and you feel like you have no control over any of it?

These questions usually come up when you are overthinking something for too long. This gives you a feeling of not knowing what to do anymore because OVERTHINKING causes DOUBT!



Let me get things straight:

  1. You know that failing is part of life.
  2. Everyone fails.
  3. It helps you improve.

So, knowing all these things are true: Why is it that, when you doubt yourself, you get scared of failure?

Well, I don’t exactly know the right answer to that question, but I can tell you that YOU SHOULD NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF WHEN YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS IMPORTANT TO YOU!

While you follow your dreams, you will fail (multiple times), but if you never doubt yourself, you will get there one day. And, that day will be the happiest day of your life!

Thanks for reading!

-Live For Adventure! ๐Ÿ™‚


Do you ever feel like you don’t belong? Do you ever ask yourself the question: Where do I belong?
Well, my friend, let me just say that if you have ever asked these questions; You are NOT alone!!

Everyone wants to belong and be part of something. It’s human nature!

“Belonging means acceptance as a member or part. Such a simple word for a huge concept. A sense of belonging is a human need, just like the need for food and shelter. Feeling that you belong is most important in seeing value in life and in coping with intensely painful emotions.”

If you ever feel like you don’t have a place in this world, just remember that everyone feels that way sometimes, You are NOT alone. Find someone else who is alone because chances are they want to be accepted as well.

Some people find their belonging very easily, while others need to be reminded that they really do belong and that they are important.

So, next time you feel alone, find someone else who is also alone; Find your place in this world. I know it can be difficult at times, but trust me, it will all be worth it. The hard things to overcome are usually worth more!
And, if you do feel like you belong, don’t be afraid to find people that seem alone and that need to be reminded that they belong and that they are accepted.


Thanks for reading! I hope this post inspired you in some way.


-Live For Adventure! ๐Ÿ™‚



Looking forward..

Ever feel overwhelmed about “finding your purpose”?

Well, good news! Your ‘ikigai’ is always evolving!

ikigai: A Japanese concept, that means; “a reason for being”, it is very similar to the French phrase; “Raison d’รชtre”. Everyone has an ikigai. Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self during a long period of trials (storms). But, is it worth?

Well, I can tell you that, none of us know what we want to do our *entire life* (uh, no pressure). We find what fulfills us in small and big moments along the way. You’re working towards something big, at this very moment. Make time for what makes you ๐Ÿ™‚.

You might not know where anything you do will bring you, but trust me, it will be something great.
What do you see after a huge rain storm? -a beautiful, bright and colorful rainbow! ๐ŸŒˆ
And, What do you see at the end of that rainbow? -a pot of gold! ๐Ÿ’ฐ

-I guess, what I’m trying to say is that after all the trials you face in life you will be rewarded with something great! Just remember; through the trials you will learn great lessons!
Everything you are going through right now won’t lasts forever and it will lead you to something amazing, something you could never imaging! Be patient and embrace where you are now because amazing things are ahead!ย ๐Ÿ™‚

-Live for Adventure! โœˆ



I don’t always believe in myself. I feel like I’m not good enough. Why do others seem much happier than me? Why do I feel disappointed with myself? How can I be truly happy?

If you’ve ever asks yourself one of those questions, chances are; you let others (bullies) define who you really are, and you don’t believe in yourself.

You are afraid of being yourself!

One thing you can do is; ask yourself: Is it worth it?
Do you really think that worrying about what others (bullies) think is worth your time. (in my experience, it’s really not worth any of your time because if you want real friends you should be yourself). People that like you for you, are more likely to be a good friend.

If you ever feel like you’re being judged, just remember: You are not alone!
If you ever feel alone, look at the positive and ignore the negative. I know, it’s a cliche but it’s the secret to being happy. The more positive things you notice in your life, the better you will feel about yourself and the less the ‘bullies’ will hurt you. Positive things don’t have to be life changing, they can be as simple as; listening to your favorite song on the radio or smiling at a stranger and them smiling back.

  • If you’ve ever felt judged for being you; post something in the comments.
    Lets encourage each other! Don’t let others (bullies) scare you! Remind others that they are Not alone!

You should never be afraid because your difference is the difference

We live in a time where to be yourself is hard

And the way you really feel can leave you emotional scarred

But stay strong, stand firm and never back down

Being yourself is the only way to act

Trust me, Iโ€™m a fighter…


No one should be afraid to be themselves; if everyone was the same person, the world would be kind of boring (think about it). That’s why You should always be You. Differences are what keep the world interesting. Don’t let others (bullies) define you!

You are the best You ever!

Remember: YOU are AMAZING! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Thanks for reading! Hope this inspired and encouraged you!

-Live for Adventure! ๐Ÿ™‚