Look! – A Poem (no strings attached)

Look, my child!
My love for you comes with no strings attached! – God
“A poem inspired by the creator”

Free Love! (your Sunday reminder) 

* * * Please read ’til the end! Thanks! * * * Jesus, the son of God, literally stood in front of death to save you! Think about it this way: Jesus was just walking by and he saw you in trouble, so, he came over and stood in front of you to protect you…

The Mirror / A Message to All Humans

-“Heyo! How are you today?” -“Good… what do you want today?” -“Nothing. This is just your daily reminder to think about your future – Are you happy with your life?” -“Yes! …I mean, I was enjoying my day, until now.” -“Good, I’m glad I got your attention. I need you to go look in the…