Look! – A Poem (no strings attached)

Look, my child!
My love for you comes with no strings attached! – God
“A poem inspired by the creator”

Abba Father!

A child for lifeLiving in His presenceBecauseHe always treats His children wellAnd takes care of them everyday No need to grow upJust be in awe of Him everydayStay curiousHave a joy like a childDepend on HimNever try to understand all things That’s His jobAs Abba Father Because… He is:More real than the ground we stand…

You have no idea… (a poem)

Ouchthat hurtthat was triggeringthat made me feel sadBut…then againyou have no ideahow much pain I feelBecause…it’s concealedhidden awaypushed deep downout of sightout of reachno one can knowabout this paininside meBut…only one has an ideaonly God knows You have no idea And you never willeven if I explainmyselfand tell you mylife storyyou will nevertruly understandwhat I…

A day in Viña del Mar, Chile!

So, a few days ago, I took a bus to Viña del Mar, which is 1 hour away from the town that I live in, here in Chile. And, although it was a quick one day trip, it made me love Chile even more. . . . Here are a few pictures I took of…