Solo Travel Tip #3

This tip is about: . . . When you finally decide to step out of your comfort zone, and travel abroad alone, you’re going to be so happy, and proud, but there’s one thing you should know. When you travel abroad alone, you are going to want to make international friends, and meet people that…

Solo Travel Tip #2

Be your best friend! You can stay in hostels! You can make friends everywhere possible! But, that doesn’t change the fact that you need to be your best friend. You will inevitably have alone time, so you will be alone with your thoughts, which means that you need to make sure they’re positive ones. You…

Lost @ home

“Traveling – It gives you home in thousand strange places, then leaves you a stranger in your own land.” . . . You see, feeling homesick in another country, brings back the memories about things missed from home. But, feeling homesick at home, is confusing because you’re home, so you think you should feel fine….

Where in the world?

So, I’ve recently realized that I’ve written a few update posts about my life here in Chile, but I never really shared where exactly I am living in Chile. And, so I figured I would share my location, just for those of you that are curious, and might want to visit Chile one day. ….