Here I Am!

I am alive!I am anxious!I am beautiful!I am blessed!I am changed!I am cleansed!I am changing!I am daring!I am excited!I am exploring!I am experiencing!I am filled!I am following!I am failing!I am growing!I am helping!I am imperfect!I am joyful!I am kind!I am loved!I am learning!I am living!I am leading!I am listening!I am marvelled!I am motivated!I am nervous!I…

I need you!

Yes, you! I need YOU! Don’t give up now! This poem is for anyone out there going through a tough time in life right now. Please, don’t do it! I know you’re tired! But, just focus on staying healthy, and keeping your mind fit! I know it’s exhausting! It feels like the only way out….


I just wanted to share some quotes I discovered last week, to encourage you this week. “You can overcome anything life throws at you! Conquer this week!” Thanks for reading! I hope this post gave you some encouragement for your week ahead! Have a good week! -LiveForAdventure! 🙂

Nice V.S. Kind

This Christmas season think about the following question: What is the difference between; nice and kind? . . . For me, being nice is just something we should be everyday. But, being kind is something we should strive to do for someone that will make a difference in their life and our own. ~Being nice…