Now, what?

Now, we learn to become a missionary!

We learn to turn those sacrifices into choices.

We stop feeling lonely & start making friends.

We replace fatigue with excitement.

We let go of anxiety & find peace.

We don’t feel defeated, just courage to win.

We stop doubting & learn to trust.

We always know everything will work out fine!

Thanks for reading! I hope this post inspired you to make the best of every situation by turning negative experiences into positive results.

-LiveForAdventure! πŸ™‚

7 months in S.A.

Wow! I can’t believe I’ve lived in South America for a total of 7 months.

. . .

Half a year of living on another continent.
Half a year of learning another language.
Half a year of living in another culture.

. . .

It’s crazy to think about all the things I’ve done / learned in the past 7 months.
And, I couldn’t possibly explain them all in one post.
So, instead, here’s a list of 7 things I learned during my experience living in South America for 7 months:

1. This first one’s obvious: I couldn’t live in South America without learning Spanish!
I’ve learned a lot of Spanish, and realized that I love learning languages!
See post: Foreign Language Classes Abroad!

2. I learned a lot about budget traveling, and how to budget with foreign currency.
See post: Budget Travel Tip #1!

3. I learned how to successfully, and happily spend the holidays while solo traveling abroad.
See post: Abroad for the holidays!

4. I learned a lot about Patience.
So much so, that I think it might be a separate post. Coming soon! πŸ˜‰

5. I learned how to be my own best friend.
See post: Solo Travel Tip #1

6. I learned how to step out of my comfort zone more, and get the most out of every experience.
See post: Fear is Calling

7. And, lastly, I learned a bunch of other random things, like what I want to do with my life.
See post: 2019 resolutions

. . . 

And, if you want to read more about my experiences while
living in South America,
check out the following links:

Living in Chile! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡±

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Thanks for reading!
I hope this post inspired you to travel, & step out of your comfort zone because it’s truly the best decision you will ever make.
And, although, traveling comes with ups and downs, one thing is for sure, I don’t regret one minute of my time abroad.

-LiveForAdventure! 😊

As I sit here…

Here I am, waiting…
Learning patience everyday!
I sit here and wait.

My day will come.
I just know it, so I wait.
Patience is a skill.

I’m perfecting it.
I get better and better –
Everyday, I wait.

I get discouraged.
But, I never stop learning.
There is a reason.

I don’t know it yet.
But, I will when it happens –
And, I will love it!

So, I patiently –
Wait for that; my best day –
It’s in front of me.

And, as I sit here…
I question, and learn a lot.
Preparing myself.

That day is coming.
It’s just around the corner.
So, I keep the faith.

And, as I sit here…
I start to pray about it, and –
I ask for patience…

…Until that day where –
All my dreams will come true, so –
I sit here and wait –


Thanks for reading!


-LiveForAdventure! πŸ™‚

The rear-view mirror…

Your breakthrough is coming!

. . .

“Dreams in the rear-view mirror are closer than they appear.”

Although, you should keep looking forward when chasing your dreams; sometimes you need to glance backwards at the progress you’re making along the way because that progress is actually your dreams starting to come true.
Think about it this way:

Your dreams are catching up to you.
They’re coming –
Closer and closer –
Each day, they inch forward.

You think: “Looking back is bad.”.
All you see back there are your failures.
You think the rear-view mirror is showing you all your mistakes & failures.

But, it’s actually the opposite.
It’s showing you all the lessons learned from the amazing, and crazy journey you took while working towards your dreams.
Those past failures and mistakes are actually your dreams starting to take shape.

Looking in that rear-view mirror should not discourage you.
Instead it should remind you that all those mistakes and failures are just speed bumps along this amazing journey towards achieving your dreams!

Thanks for reading!
I hope this post inspired you to always continue to chase your dreams!

-LiveForAdventure! 😊

Birthday Goals?

So, today’s a weird / crazy / awesome day…

. . .

Today is my birthday, and I don’t know how to feel because I try to do this thing every year; I try to spend my birthday in a new country every year, so I can remember that birthday, and that country.

But, for the past 2 years, I’ve spent my birthday in my home country.
And, it does make me a little sad because it was truly a goal of mine.
But, it’s also totally fine.

I think I’m kind of fine with it because another goal of mine is to eventually move to a new country for an ‘extended’ period of time (longer than my usual trips).
So, I think that’s what I realized in the past 2 years of having my birthday at home.
Soon I will accomplish that goal (of moving to a new country), and I’ll have multiple birthdays in other countries – I just have to be patient, and happy with where I am now.

Plans change a lot, and that’s okay because sometimes plans change, and something better ends up happening that could never have been planned.

Anyways, I know this was a short post, but I wrote it mostly as a reminder to myself:
To not always get so caught up in my plans for the future, or needing to achieve all my goals right away because I know I will get there eventually, and achieve all my goals and then some.

So, I hope if you read this until the end, you will also realize that you don’t need to get frustrated or discouraged if your plans change on your journey to achieving your dreams because it’s for the better,; something better is ahead.

Your goal / dream is not too big! Sometimes you just need a different approach to achieve it!

Thanks for reading!
Have a great day, and continue to strive toward your goals no matter what life throws at you! You got this!

-LiveForAdventure! 😊

A Time For Everything!

Have you ever asked yourself the question: “What am I still doing here?”.

. . .

Well, I have. And, I know it’s never a good question to ask yourself because it very rarely has a good answer. (the answer to that question usually discourages you.)

You see… Usually, when you ask yourself that question it signifies that you are tired of where you are currently in life, and you are aching for change; for something more.
That question makes you fell stuck, but you don’t know what to do.
All you know is you want to change something (you don’t want to be “here” asking yourself that question), but you don’t know what’s coming next.

Well, let me just tell you that you are “here” for a purpose, and your next step is coming, just be patient because there is a time for everything, and everything happens at a certain time for a specific reason.

Your life is moving, but when you don’t feel it, remember that with time you will move forward to something great. And, when you do, you won’t realize what hit you.
It feels slow now, but once it’s over you won’t remember all this waiting.

Life is all about timing and patience!

The more patience you have, the better things will become in time.
So, focus on where you are right now because your next step is coming (sooner than you think).

Thanks for reading!
I hope this post encouraged you, and gave you hope for your future!

-LiveForAdventure! πŸ™‚






P.S. This post was inspired by: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
(look it up; on google or in the bible),
it’s a great encouraging verse about timing and patience!


Every Mile Matters…

It’s history
You can’t rewrite it
You’re not meant to be trapped inside it
Every tear brought you here
Every sorrow gathered
Yeah, it’s history
And every mile mattered

. . .

Life is full of ups and downs…

it’s full of good decisions and bad decisions…

. . .

Right now you’re either at a point in your life that you’re super proud of, or you’re telling yourself everyday that you’re a disappointment.

Things are either going your way or not quite what you want, but, either way you are always making decisions that will impact your tomorrow self. Those decisions could change your life in an instant (good or bad).

So, just remember that, next time you are faced with an important decision, just know that whatever you decide you will inevitably learn something from it.

. . .

“Every Mile Matters!”

You see, travelers don’t get disappointed when they don’t see/do exaxtly what they wanted in a new country because they know that what they did see mattered and will probably lead to something else that will be unexpectedly amazing.

“Every decisions has an impact!”

Just like in life, you can’t get disappointed when you think you made a terrible mistake. You can’t wish you chose the other option; all you can do is live in the moment and learn from every decision you make each day.

Thanks for reading! I hope this post inspired you in some way! πŸ™‚

P.S. This post was inspired by the song: Every Mile Mattered (click the link to check it out!)

-LiveForAdventure! πŸ™‚

It all makes sense…

I finally understand everything that happened before this trip.

. . .

So, here I am. I made it to Chile! I am living in this beautiful country, teaching English and learning Spanish with my host family. The process to get here was long, but definitely worth it! But, there are still days that feel pretty long because Chileans do things a little differently. They’re much more relaxed and never rush to do anything (And, I mean ANYTHING).
So, it took me a while to adapt to their lifestyle.
And, when I first got here I was pretty frustrated because I thought I wasn’t using my time here wisely (I was always waiting for a store to open or for the community pool to open).
I felt like my days were being wasted, and I wasn’t seeing as much as possible. And, on top of that, I never knew when my host family wanted to learn English because they never told me when was the best time (I asked them countless times this question and I tried starting lessons at different times in the day, but nothing seemed to work).
But, then I thought about it, and realized that the faster I could adapt to their lifestyle, the more I would enjoy my time here, and the more English I would be able to teach them.
And, since that realization, that’s what I’ve been trying to do, but it’s proven to be very difficult because I need to rewire the parts of my brain that tell me that 6pm is a little late to drive to the next town to do something, and instead say 6pm is actually (apparently) early. Or, that 10 pm is late for an English lesson, when it’s actually proven to be the best time.

Adapting to a new culture is more difficult than it seems, and it takes a lot of work and patience,
but it’s definitely worth it!

. . .

Starting over in a new country has proven to be more difficult
than I originally thought.

But, it’s a very interesting & exciting new experience.


Thanks for reading!

P.S. If you ever move to another country or simply just visit for a time, I recommend adapting to the time difference and the lifestyle as quickly as possible, in order to make the most of your time/trip.
And, if you ever feel frustrated with something in a new country, just have patience because in the end you are in their country and they are just living their normal everyday life!

Patience and Perseverance are the best ways to adapt to a new culture!

-LiveForAdventure! πŸ™‚

Put in the work!


You can’t just put in work when you feel like it.
Success won’t come overnight.
Your dreams won’t accomplish themselves.

Whatever it is that you want to accomplish; YOU have to put in the work EVERYDAY!
Results come with consistency and patience!

. . .

I’ve been living in Chile for 2 months and I can truly say that putting in the work is 100% worth it.
There are days (especially during my first month of living here) when I don’t feel like trying to speak Spanish, and as a result, during the day I feel lost and alone. I’m not trying to understand what people are saying and I don’t feel like trying to speak (my broken) Spanish, and as a result, I isolate myself.
But, during the days when I put in the work to listen and speak Spanish, I start to feel like I actually kind of fit in because I’m consciously listening and understanding to what people are saying and I actively try to speak Spanish the best I can and I start to feel understood and less alone.

. . .

Anyways, this post is just your Sunday reminder that whatever you want to accomplish this week, you can’t just sit there and say: “I’ll get there 1 day, I have all week anyways.”.
You have to get up now and actively work for what you want!

Putting in the work will always lead to great things!


work spanish


Thanks for reading!
I hope this post encouraged you to have a productive and positive week!

-LiveForAdventure! πŸ™‚

My Own Material

For today’s post, I was challenged to look through my old Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts and pick something that stood out to me and write what I think about it now.

. . .

So, I chose to look through my Instagram feed and, while scrolling through, my very first Instagram post stood out to me.

Here it is:

The comment under it, just said: “Smile”.

. . .

While thinking about how I feel about it now, I could only say: “I’m so glad this was my first Instagram post because it reminds me to always remember to smile, no matter what’s happening around me. Smiling is so much easier (and much more worth it) than being angry or upset at the world all the time.” And, just like the comment says, it’s simple; just Smile (one powerful word).

Just a simple smile can turn your whole day around!

. . .

And, also, while scrolling through my Instagram feed, I noticed how much it changed and evolved throughout the years.

From: Just random pictures I would find on the internet that seemed interesting.

To: Pictures I take on my own adventures.

It changed from, a random Instagram account, to, more of a traveling account.

It was very interesting to look back and see my own journey because it helped me see that I’ve come very far. And, it gives me hope that I will still keep going far.

. . .

So, now I challenge you to go through one of your social media feeds and find something that sticks out to you, OR, just look at your journey and notice how much your posts have changed over time. (Comment below with what you discovered).

Thanks for reading! I hope this inspired you to remember where and how you started, and to have faith and hope in your future.

-LiveForAdventure! πŸ™‚

A rollercoaster year!

Hold up!
Before I even start to talk about this past year, I just have to say that in the beginning of this year I would have never imagined being here in Chile for New Year’s.
That’s just crazy!

. . .

I’ll admit, this year has had it’s down/low moments, but in general, 2017 has been an amazing year.
I’ve accomplished so many things that I am proud to say that I’ve accomplished.

  • Going to Belize!
  • Graduating college!
  • Growing this blog! (ThankΒ You)
  • Working at a great hotel!
  • Just living life!
  • And, now, living in Chile!

Honestly, this year has been so crazy that I don’t even want to make any resolutions or a bucket list for next year because I didn’t make one this year, yet I’ve accomplished so much.Β 

. . .

I still can’t believe today is the last day of 2017.
So much can happen in 365, and you don’t even realize it until it’s all done.
And, if 2017 wasn’t your year, you have another 365 days to change that, with another great year ahead!

. . .

Here’s to 2018!

Quillota, Chile

Thank you so much for reading my blog this past year, and, remember to always continue to:Β 

-LiveForAdventure! πŸ™‚Β 

No control…Β 

~There’s something so scary, yet, so “comforting” about not having control over part of your body/future.~

. . .

So, today, I went to the dentist to get a filling and he numbed part of my mouth/face.
And, during the process I felt the numbness start and I was fine because I could feel it slowly happening.
It was only after, when I got home, that I realized that having no control over the right side of my face was really kind of scary and uncomfortable.

Smiling, laughing, talking, drinking,etc… Everything felt so weird.

Even right now, while writing this, I still can’t feel the right side of my face. And, I’m kinda glad it’s only the right side of my face (temporarily) because I think that if I really had no control over part of my body, I would probably freak out a little.

. . .

You see, as humans, we are so used to being able to control everything that happens to us, that whenever something unexpected happens (loss, an accident, a filling), we get scared and uncomfortable because we don’t know this new feeling and we don’t know how to react to it.

We’ve had control over everything up to this point, so this situation scares us because we cannot control it; we can only control how we react to it. We cannot do anything to change it, we just have to wait it out and wait for things to change on their own.

So, whenever something is out of your control, instead of being scared and worried, just be patient and wait it out. Sometimes the things we can’t control, turn out the best. Just let things happen, be patient and see what happens to your life. Let yourself give-up control over certain things in life; it will make you feel better and less stressed.


Thanks for reading!

~Don’t live in fear of the future!
Have patience that even though you can’t control the future,
it will turn out alright!~


-LiveForAdventure! πŸ™‚


Free Love! (your Sunday reminder)Β 

* * * Please read ’til the end! Thanks! * * *

Jesus, the son of God, literally stood in front of death to save you!

Think about it this way: Jesus was just walking by and he saw you in trouble, so, he came over and stood in front of you to protect you from what was coming. And, that was death. He acted as a one time human shield for you, so that you could live forever and get to know HIS father.

Jesus took the bullet for you to live to get to know HIS father!

What are you going to do about that? Are you just going to sit there and wait for your mediocre life to be over? Or are you going to do something about it?

. . .

Imagine if that person that took the bullet for you wasn’t Jesus; maybe it was your best friend or a complete stranger; the fact remains that, they did it out of pure love for you to keep living because they knew it was worth it! Their perents should hate you for letting them do that for you, but no; instead their parents love you SO much!

That’s God’s love for you! He let his son take the bullet for you, and now all he wants in return is to love you and get to know you like his own son/daughter!

So, will you accept this free, grace-given love?Β 

In my opinion, you totally should (after all, it is free), all you have to do is love him back (which shouldn’t be that hard, given his son died for you).

However, no one (especially not God; He is the most patient person ever) is forcing you to accept this (free & grace-given) love. But, trust me, if or when you do your life will be completely changed for the better!

So, now it’s up to you.

Will you accept it? Or will you continue to live in guilt & fear?

Before you decide: Just remember;Β He wanted his son to die for YOU; & all he wants in return is to love you and get loved back!Β 

Thanks for reading!

-LiveForAdventure! πŸ™‚

Half Full V.S. Half Empty

So, today’s been a very confusing day…

. . .

I woke up being super positive and ready to conquer the day, but then, I checked my emails and read a message that really lowered my spirits.
I didn’t want to conquer the day anymore, I said: “what’s the point, something else like this will probably happen again today, and I don’t know if I can handle it twice in one day.”.

At first read through the email, I thought “well, that just ruined my year.”. I felt as if that message was the end of the world (over exaggerator alert) because it was about something I’ve been really looking forward to ALL year.
And, to be honest, until I started writing this, I was feeling very done with life (I didn’t know how to feel or what to do anymore).
After my little ‘pity party’, I realized that I can’t let this get to me because there are so many more opportunities out there waiting for me (even though I feel like this one was gonna be great, there will be better ones).

. . .

So, this morning, after that scenario, I realized I need to look at the glass as half full because if my life depends on one email, I will never be truly happy; I will start to give up too quickly and I will never reach my full potential.

Also, while writing this post, I am still pretty disappointed, sad and angry, but I got another message that revived my spirit a little, it just requires a little more patience than the other one (which is something I’m working on).

Like they say (I don’t know who ‘they’ are, but I hope ‘they’ are right):

“Great things come out of patience; Just keep a good attitude while waiting!”

So, I guess what I’m trying to say in this post, is that; although the first opportunity that comes your way might be the most exciting because it’s within reach; you can’t get discouraged and give up if it falls through because with a little more patience you will get an even better opportunity that’s waiting for you around the corner.

~Keep walking and turn the corner to that next opportunity!~

Because even though you think you waited forever for the first opportunity, just take it as practice to be patient for the next, better opportunity.

And, remember to, practice patience everyday!

The glass should always be half full because your life is in the works!
nd, when you work on something, it takes time; just like how it takes time to fill a glass with water; it takes time to make your life what you want.

~Never give up on your dreams!~
~Something better is coming!~
~Stay optimistic!~

Thanks for reading! I hope this gave you courage to stay optimistic about your future!

-LiveForAdventure! πŸ™‚




4 years ago…

Warning: Depressing, Inspirational & Real Post

. . .

Throwback time! (by that I mean; first blog post throwback!)

I won’t go into too much detail; Let’s just say, four years ago today, I was at a VERY low point in life and I decided to open-up the bible and pray. After doing so, I felt the need to write the following letter:

Dear ***insert your name here***,
I just want to tell you that your life on earth will get better, just wait and see; Be patient. I have a plan for you. You will change your world someday. Life will never become perfect, but you can make it perfect.
Open up to people, see what happens and if they let you down, then they probably weren’t meant to be a part of the plan I have for you. The people that you open up to and accept you for who you are; those are the people that are meant to be in your life.
Never forget that life is full of ups and down and it takes a warrior to overcome them. The plan I have for you is so great that the warrior inside you will be able to fight the battle of life. You will become so much greater than you could ever imagine.
Believe in me!
-Sincerely, Your Best Friend

After I wrote this down, it was like something inside me change automatically. I can’t really explain it, but it helped me keep up the strength to have patience with my life.

. . .

P.S. To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure if I should share this; but, when I found the letter; crumpled up with shaky handwriting; I knew I had to share it because I know someone out there needs to see it. 

Thanks for reading! I hope this post Inspired You in some way!
Have a good day/afternoon/evening/night! (wherever you are in the world)


-LiveForAdventure! πŸ™‚

Find Your Purpose!



Let’s face it, sometimes you have a bad day (week, month, year, etc.) that you think will never end. But, think about it, they have all passed before, so why should this time be any different?

. . .

Well, this time you can make it Better; By Finding Your Purpose.

Here’s how:
Think about something that gives you a sense of excitement and happiness every time you think about it.
Whatever it is, whether it’s: graduating, getting that dream job, going somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, starting a family, buying a house, buying a car, buying those awesome pairs of shoes you’ve always wanted, etc.
Anything that gives you a sense of excitement is connected to your purpose.

And, if you want to follow your dream and fulfill your purpose, work towards it with the things that make you happy and excited. Take little steps each day that will get you closer to your goal.
Obviously, it won’t be easy, but if you really want to find your purpose you will take the necessary steps to get there.

Every amazing success comes out of great determination, patience & excitement!

So… Get excited about your purpose because if it excites you, then it’s part of your future!

Thanks for reading!



-LiveForAdventure! πŸ™‚


Alright, let’s Face it, you’ve said: “I give up!” at least once in your life.
Whether you said it because you were just done with everything or you said it because you were tired of waiting for something better; you’ve given up at least once.

. . .

Well, let me tell you, giving up just means that you need to work on your patience.


Think about it this way; If you were never patient, you would not be were you are today. You would have quit everything you ever started and would have never tried again; With patience comes determination.
You must realize that when you are patient and you don’t get discouraged, you can persevere through anything and everything; And, one day, you will not need to be patient anymore because you will have everything you’ve ever worked and waited for.Β 

. . .

If you feel out of place, like you are at a point in your life where you are doing something that you don’t think is what you’re actually supposed to be doing;Β Remember to persevere through it because that perseverance will give you patience and determination that will eventually get you to where you are supposed to be (where you will feel like you actually fit-in).


Thanks for reading! & Remember:

Stay patient, determined and persevere through it all!
You got this! πŸ˜‰



-LiveForAdventure! πŸ™‚

Looking forward..

Ever feel overwhelmed about “finding your purpose”?

Well, good news! Your ‘ikigai’ is always evolving!

ikigai: A Japanese concept, that means; “a reason for being”, it is very similar to the French phrase; “Raison d’Γͺtre”. Everyone has an ikigai. Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self during a long period of trials (storms). But, is it worth?

Well, I can tell you that, none of us know what we want to do our *entire life* (uh, no pressure). We find what fulfills us in small and big moments along the way. You’re working towards something big, at this very moment. Make time for what makes you πŸ™‚.

You might not know where anything you do will bring you, but trust me, it will be something great.
What do you see after a huge rain storm? -a beautiful, bright and colorful rainbow! 🌈
And, What do you see at the end of that rainbow? -a pot of gold! πŸ’°

-I guess, what I’m trying to say is that after all the trials you face in life you will be rewarded with something great! Just remember; through the trials you will learn great lessons!
Everything you are going through right now won’t lasts forever and it will lead you to something amazing, something you could never imaging! Be patient and embrace where you are now because amazing things are ahead!Β πŸ™‚

-Live for Adventure! ✈