An Overwhelmed Heart

“When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock.” it’s beenwella month..but it’s feltlikea year! i’ve been searching i’ve been learningi’ve been leaningi’ve been reaching andit hasexhausted mebut with youi knowit wasall so worthitbecause althoughi feel defeatedfrustratedconfusedalonelosti look upbecausei knowthat you’ve waitedso longfor meto cometo youfor meto learnto leanon you so now i comewith…

I need you!

Yes, you! I need YOU! Don’t give up now! This poem is for anyone out there going through a tough time in life right now. Please, don’t do it! I know you’re tired! But, just focus on staying healthy, and keeping your mind fit! I know it’s exhausting! It feels like the only way out….