Perspective… / A Day in Valparaiso, Chile!


“Perspective changes everything!”

. . .

So, recently I took a trip to Valparaiso, Chile & I had the best day there, just wandering the city! Here’s an “itinerary” of that trip:

1- I took the bus (1 hour) to Valparaiso alone, and didn’t get lost once!

20180210_133642 20180210_191648

2- I explored and wandered the beautiful city of Valparaiso!

20180210_153549 20180210_154844 20180210_155427

3- My eyes were truly open to everything I saw today!


4- I was completely present in the moment today, which made my adventuring, wandering & exploring so much better!


5- Like the title & the picture hint: I got perspective thrown at me in multiple ways today!


. . .

Perspective: The appearance of things relative to one another, as determined by their distance from the viewer.

So, the first picture you saw at the top of this page is a view standing from the top of a staircase in Valparaiso.
And, the next picture you saw at the top of this page is a view of the same staircase, but this time, standing right in front of it (instead of above it).

. . .

You see, this is why perspective is such an important concept because things are always different from where someone is standing.
Just like in life. People see things differently because they’re in different places in their own lives, this means that everyone has a different perspective about some/most things.

Nothing is the same for everyone because we all perceive things differently, which means that we all experience life differently.
That’s perspective! Being different & accepting different perspectives of the same things.

The picture from above the staircase could be someone’s view of that staircase for their entire life. Whereas, the picture in front of the staircase could be someone  else’s view of it for their entire life. But, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t both seeing the same staircase, they are just looking at it from where they are currently standing.
And, most people would be fine with just seeing it from their perspective for their entire life, but, what I’m trying to encourage you to do after reading this post is: to always try and look at things from different perspectives because you never know what you could discover, just by shifting your focus.

“Don’t stay in the same spot for your whole life
(don’t stay at the top of the staircase for your entire life)!
Change your perspective
(come down & look at it from a different perspective)!”

Change your PERSPECTIVE! It might just change EVERYTHING!


Thanks for reading!
I hope this post inspired you to search for a new perspective in your life!

P.S. Valparaiso is truly a beautiful city, & if you’re ever in Chile, I highly recommend taking a trip here to see this beautiful city for yourself! You won’t regret it, it will definitely help you understand the concept of perspective!

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

Santiago, Chile – Day 1 

So, I’ve officially boarded the plane to Chile. And, all I want to do right now is sleep because it’s currently 01:00 (please consider this when reading the following post)

For those of you interested, I’m flying in a Boeing 777-300ER. And, it’s a completely full flight. But, even though I will be squished in this plane for 10 hours, I am absolutely pumped to land in Chile. Right now, I’m really tired, but I know that once I land, I will catch a second wind of energy. 

3 hours later…

I just woke up to the sound of my ear buds playing Spanish music and the smell of breakfast coming. These sounds and smells made me even more excited, (but also a little nervous) for the adventure ahead. I’m excited (and nervous) to see if I learned enough Spanish, and to see what it’s like to live in another country. 

2 hours later… (landed)

Well. I’m here, standing on the porch of my hostal room. And, can I just say that as soon as I landed, culture shock (& the heat) hit me like a brick. 

I mean, I’ve been preparing for this trip for a while, but still, nothing could have prepared me for this surprise for the following reasoms:

1- I’m coming from winter weather (-10) to Mediterranean summer weather (+30).

2- My brain didn’t realize how fast people actually speak Spanish. They understand me and then think I’m fluent, so they speak faster which makes all my conversations lasts maximum 5 minutes. 

. . . 

So, it’s 22:00 on my first day (technically half day) here in Chile. (Landed at 13:00 & didn’t get to my hostal until 14:30). And, since then, I’ve just been walking around discovering everything I can, until I crash for the night. 

Seriously though, I am SO tired (12 hours of flying later). I was ready to go to bed at 20:00, but I’m trying to get over jetlag as quickly as possible because I have a busy and exciting 3 months ahead of me. 

And, even though all I did today was walk around and visit the local grocery store, I feel like I already learned a lot about the culture.

. . . 

Well, that’s my journey here and my first thoughts during my first day in Santiago, Chile.  I’m going to sleep now, so tomorrow can be an even better day. 

¡Buenos Noches!

P.S. I don’t know if I’ll actually continue writing these everyday day with day 1, day 2 and so on; but for now, let’s say so. 

Thanks for reading! 

-LiveForAdventure! 🙂

The woman on the street…

What is she doing?  Why do I always see her in the same spot?  How long has she been here?

. . .

Those are all questions I ask myself on my commute to work.

You see; I always walk by the same way to get to work. And, everyday while walking on this street (I’m not actually going to tell you the street name, duh) at 7:00am, I always pass this lady with four or five suitcases, a few grocery bags and a blue tarp.
I promise I’m not stalking her; I’ve been taking this street for months to get to work; when all of a sudden, one day, I see this random lady with all her belongings inhabiting the sidewalk.
So, I become very curious, and now, every time time I go to work and see her still there, I wonder things like: Where did she come from? Why did she choose this street to “live” on? Why does she have so much stuff with her? Does she have family? I even find it interesting that she isn’t asking for money or anything from anyone passing-by (she just sits there reading the newspaper)?

. . .

To be honest, I kinda like seeing that she is still there because it gives me a sense of relief (she seems to be doing fine),  it triggers my curiosity (but, why is she there) and it helps me remember to be thankful for everything I have (like the job I am walking to while looking at & questioning this scene).
However, some days, I wish I could walk down that street, & not see her there because then I would be even more curious and ask questions like: where did she go? is she ok? did she find a better spot? did she find a home? did her family come?

I think the worst part of this scenario is, that most people that walk by probably don’t even Look in her direction because they’re scared that she will ask them for something or even worse they’re scared that they will Feel sympathy/empathy for the woman.

I think this is also something that happens in most cultures in the world and that needs to change! (if you agree like this post) (maybe even share it, if you want)

. . .

I don’t exactly know how to change it but; If you stop questioning it, and look at the big picture; The woman obviously knows her own story and we know ours. And, sometimes that’s enough but, sometimes we need to learn about others to understand our story even better.

Don’t be too quick to judge; try to talk to someone before judging them.
You never know what you could learn about them & about yourself!


Thanks for taking the time to read this post!


-LiveForAdventure! 🙂